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[Suggestion] HUD Improvement

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Posted on 7/20/21 8:18:42 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I noticed there are lots of buttons around the HUD that get repetitive and aren’t really necessary. Some examples:

-on the top right corner, under the builders stats, there’s an option to visit the Castle Crisis event, accompanied by a menu with 3 more buttons to open the Labyrinth, the Lostland, and the Blitz Gauntlet. All of these gamemodes and events are easily accessible from other places, so having them all together on an extra button seems unnecessary.

-on the bottom left corner there’s an option to visit the Warehouse. What’s wrong with the already functional warehouse building?

-the button on the bottom left corner with the Paladin’s helmet includes options to visit the Heroes Altar, the Pet Plaza, and many others...none of which are necessary, because they’re all easily accessible from the buildings.

All these extra buttons around the HUD can get distracting, and ironically make it harder to navigate around the different gamemodes and features, because there are so many ways of doing exactly the same thing, that it makes other less repeated options harder to find. These options don’t really add anything, so I think they could be removed without a problem.

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Posted on 7/20/21 9:16:34 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Interesting observation, however you should know that all the buttons do have a logical reason for their placement.  For instance the ones on "the top right corner, under the builders stats" are all in the building that not only lists all the features, informs you when they are active and their corresponding rewards, so it is only fitting that they would allow you to quickly access those features from there.

This is also something that was frequently requested by many of the members.  As for your summation that the extra buttons are distracting and make navigating the various game modes & features harder, might I suggest you visit where the 1st set of unnecessary buttons you listed above being exactly where you should easily be able to locate whatever game mode or feature you choose.


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Posted on 7/21/21 4:05:00 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I can agree there are some buttons which imo are not needed there, but it is all depends on personal taste. Each person want to see different things, and what one person think is useless is good for another one. 
There is no way everyone are happy with that, but maybe if devs introduced way to select what we want to see on screen everyone could decide perfect solution. I would remove those onscreen offers like Athere from "First Time offer" which is really annoying for me.

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Posted on 7/26/21 9:21:03 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Having those builders walking by when you click hbm is also very annoying.