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[Suggestion] Way to rebalance narcia??

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Posted on 8/23/21 9:38:21 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

So, on Android (can't speak for IOS, Windows, or Amazon servers), narcia matchmaking is a very "annoying" problem, a lot of people don't play it because it's a struggle for the less active players. A potential way to rebalance it would be fo each player to receive a "score" so to speak after every narcia. The score can be based on time online, general activity, similar to solo score except with more quirks to make it a more "accurate" score for specific players overall. Matchmaking can then be based off the total amount of "points" of the registered players in a guild. That combined with maybe less than 52 guilds on every map (shave it down to 30 or so?) would be very effective all in all at providing a fairer matchmaking experience. It can help disrupt allies that like to stick in smaller maps and dominate over the more inactive guilds. You could argue that if someone really cared about narcia, they should find a more active guild. But at the end of the day that ruins the whole idea of a guild, which is supposed to be a tight knit family that works together. All in all, it would provide narcia to be a more fair experience for the more inactive guilds so more people have a chance to get legitimate rewards.