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[Sneak Peek] Tawain September update sneak peak

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Posted on 9/6/21 2:13:08 PM | Show thread starter's posts only
It is expected that the game will be upgraded and updated at 10:00 on the 7th day. The server will be shut down for 4 hours and 800 gems will be issued after it is turned on.

1. New hero: Lightning Feather
Skill Name: Thunder Flash Eagle Strike
Skill description: The hero releases the skill to cause a total of x% of the normal attack damage to the current attack target and x enemy targets around it (the damage is divided equally by the x enemy targets), and imprison it for x seconds.  (Cooling time x seconds) (The hero is immune to disarming and silence effects, reducing the damage taken by x%; when the health is lower than x%, the damage taken is reduced to x%, and the attack speed is increased by x%, and the imprisonment time of the skill  Increased to x seconds. Enemy targets that are imprisoned within this x seconds will have their evasion rate reduced by x%)
2. New spar skill: energy black hole
Increase attack power by x%; when killed, deduct x points of energy from all enemy heroes, and deduct x points of energy every x seconds for the next x seconds (cooling time x seconds).
3. New talent skills: Blood Vessel
Reduce your own life limit by x%; each time you release a skill, you will restore x% of the damage value to your health.
4. Hero Fashion
Thunder Feather-Neon Punk
5. Newly added competition decorations: Potential Lord Badge, Excellent Lord Badge, Supreme Lord Badge, Strongest Lord Badge
6. New equipment extraction function, free equipment extraction every day
7. Added equipment enhancement materials, which can quickly increase the experience value of equipment enhancement through enhancement items.
1. Hero extraction function interface and special effects performance optimization
2. Adjust the text of spar related props: adjusted from strengthening runestones to spar strengthening stones
3. The alliance store tab is added to the item exchange, which is convenient for players to redeem goods in the alliance store
4. Added knight talent badges and other props to the prestige store
5. Added the talent display of the heroes in the Holy Fire Fighting Support function
6. Adjusted Nazia: The settlement time of Imperial City Points in the Era of War will enter the settlement state at the end of the season, and no Imperial City points and resources will be obtained during the settlement period.
7. Optimize the art performance of the equipment task dispatch interface
8. The upper limit of the hero slot of the hero altar is increased by 1 (the upper limit is 154)
9. The upper limit of the number of grids in the prop house has been increased by 10 (the upper limit is 520)
BUG repair:
1. Fix the problem that some players in the prestige store have the number of items that can be purchased is 0
2. Fix the problem that the wearing equipment cannot be taken off when the equipment is full
3. Fix the problem that the war talent badge will not respond after clicking the consumption upgrade after going from the prop house

Happy Clashing Everyone!
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One new hero?
Interesting, IGG!

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As always hun, Thanks for the share:heart:


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Eng server? Is update?

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Still no Lost land fix

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Thanks for info :)

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