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[Suggestion] Remove abusive acts: Decoration tricks, extra ads for gems.

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Posted on 9/26/21 7:09:20 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

1.Please remove the extremely ABUSIVE decoration trick. The trick is the player buys a decoration and sells the same for 50% of the price while the system still counts the whole purchase price as part of gems spent.
-It is very abusive and counters real game development. They complain that they just waste gems using the trick yet they still chose to do this very abusive act.
- Now these abusive players have come to this forum and complain when their "rewards" allegedly have been reduced due to removal of some temporary events. 
-It is not only abusive but a very insulting act. They just want easy rewards and do not even spend time to play the game and grind to gradually earn these rewards.

2. Remove the EXTRA ads (advertisement) trick. The trick is that after the player watches and used the 5 tries for "watch ads to earn gems" they can trigger a new 5 ads if they upgrade the walls without having enough resources/gems thus prompting the extra and watch ads.
- It is very unfair to those who have maxed out all buildings and it is also contrary to game development. The game developers have exerted lots of effort to make and implement these beautiful buildings yet these players dont event upgrade any of the buildings. That is also very insulting.
- the purpose of the extra 5 ads was to provide extra gems for that particular urgent upgrade particularly the walls. In short, the extra 5 ads was for upgrading walls. However, when these 5 extra ads are used not for the needed upgrade(wall upgrade), then it defeats the purpose. It was a malicious attempt to defeat the purpose because they just want more gems to use for decoration trick. Thus, it is another act of abuse after another abuse.
- Suggestion: Remove the 5 extra ads. Increase the total basic ads from 5 to 10.

3. IGG constantly improves and increases the daily free/basic castle clash game modes. However, these abusive players do not know nor appreciate this because they do not play the game. they only gather gems every week for the weekly treasure mining, plants for prizes and carnival cake events. 
- These abusive player have constantly complained and whined about the alleged "reduction of rewards". I agree that most rewards' change and/or are reduce not only because it is normal for changed to happen but also to combat these abusive abusive decorations gem tricks. Decoration tricks have become more rampant every since starting the last year especially because of treasure mining etc. It is just normal that some rewards be reduced in order to balance the game against these abusive acts. It is another insult that the constant increase of daily game rewards are overlooked by them, simply because they wanted to have what p2p players as easy as pie. They just complain, ask for 2,000 gems daily yet do not play the game. Most of them only plays guild war and they think the only game mode is guild war and treasure mining.

These people may have arguments but in the end, their arguments will still be contrary to the game's or game event's purposes. If they want easy rewards, they can pay to purchase goods just like everyone else.

These are abusive acts yet the same abusive players complain. These abusive players who do not play the game should git gud, play the game, and learn how to grind. 

They cannot have their cake and eat it too.

TLDR: git gud

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Posted on 9/26/21 9:15:24 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I love when people come here posting about the mindset of IGG and what their intent is as if their opinion of IGG's mindset is the only one that counts.....Anywho....

You wrote a wall of text to request that [2] tricks of the game should be removed because some abuse it?  What tricks are not abused and exploited?


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Posted on 9/27/21 5:42:50 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I wouldn't call that trick. It's s game mechanic, and devs knew what they are doing when they added it to game sone time ago. Someway i doubt it was not intentional, cause if it was then it would be removed already. And this could be one of ways to encourage folks to buy gems and spend then on event like those.

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LoL I play more than you do Mr. Tapjoy. Do you think accumulating 20k gems per week is easy? No wonder you use tapjoy hahaha enjoy playing other games to gain gems loser hahaha

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This thread has been banned.

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Tapjoy is also abusive don't ever use that free gems better shut up and play the game. Stop grinding on other games for gems. You can get accumulation packs from tapjoy do we get accumulation pack from buying and selling decorations? Can we get accumulation packs from watching ads? No. Can we get minotaur/destroyer on watching ads? The answer is always No. IGG should remove tapjoy if you are calling out decorations trick abusive.

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You sure have a lot of time to waste

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Yes dad