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[Guides] Talents ranking

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Part I: Talents Ranking
Below all talents for the hero are categorized and ranked within each category. Open to suggestions and corrections.

I list all lvl 5 talent details to compare in this thread. If talent levels are different, one should consider the effectiveness of them individually.

1. Survival type: Stone skin ~ Revive > Tenacity > Scorch

Revive:       Revive with 30% HP restored.
Tenacity:     Increases HP by 30%.
Stone Skin: Reduces damage taken by 25%.
Scorch:       Has a 9% chance to negate all damage when attacked.

Increase survival time, esp useful when using on a tank and with druid in the team.

Revive is one of the best, it gives a better chance for hero to survive, since enemy will disengage the hero after it die once. Secondly, it will cause enemy heroes to overkill. For example, when enemy SM proc, it may kill a team with all 5/5 tenacity, but it will waste most of the DMG if facing a 3/5 revive team. Thirdly, energy is preserved after reviving, which let you hero have more chance to proc again.

Stone skin's help in survival is actually a little better than Tenacity, because tenacity provide 30% boost in health, while stone skin provide 1 / 0.75 - 1= 33% effective increase in health. Besides this, healing from druid is also effectively amplified by 30% when the other hero has stone skin.

Tenacity is plain and simple, just increase HP by 30%. Scorch is one of the worst talent from stats, even at lvl 5, only 9% chance to negate damage.

2. Attack type: Deadly strike > Berserk > War god

Deadly Strike: Has a 10% chance to deal 7x more damage when attacking.
Berserk:          Increases ATK SPD by 30%.
War God:        Increases ATK by 30%.

For lvl 5 talents, the increase in effective attack power of the three are 70%, 30%, 30%. These skills are more effective on high DPS heros. Difference is that deadly strike involves luck, while the other two are not. Berserk is usually better than War god for two reasons. First is that war god may result in more overkills, wasting attack power. Secondly, Berserk not only increase base attack rate, it also increases hero's proc rate. For succubus, Lvl 5 Berserk works better than Lvl 5 Deadly strike.

3. Counter-Attack type: Self Destruct > Flame Guard > Blade Shell

Self Destruct:      Deals 400% damage to nearby enemies upon death.
Flame Guard:      Deflects 20% of damage taken.
Blade Shell:         Has a 9% chance to deflect 100% of damage taken.

Self Destruct is especially good for high DPS heros, turning them into a AOE bomb. Thinking of Ninja doing a 400% damage to 5 heros, that's like him attacking 20 times instantly, well worth the death! It's one of the best talent for arena. Flame guard deflects 20% damage, Blade shell deflect 100% at 9%, so the order is clear.

4. Speed type: Enfeeble > Slow Down

Enfeeble:         Increases MOV SPD by 50%.
Slow Down:      Has a 25% chance to reduce enemy SPD by 70% for 5 secs when attacking.

Enfeeble is another best talent for arena. Should be paired with high DPS or succubus. The time for a common hero to cross the arena is 18 seconds, enfeeble lvl 5 can reduce that to 12 seconds. 6 second difference is almost enough for sucubbus to do 6 normal + 1 sepcial attack, which is very hard for the opponent to catch up.

Slow down also inflicts 100% DMG when procs. This makes it comparable to war god 4 for non-attacking skill heros, like paladin. Or war god 2 or 3 for DPS heros, like Ninja.

5. Energy type: Revitalize > Scatter

Revitalize:    Gain 100% Energy at the start of battle.
Scatter:       Reduces target's Energy by 25 when attacking.

Revitalize: Best talent for arena. Useful on DPS, healing type hero so they may do the first kill or heal first. In arena battle, who can kill first often determines the result of the battle. If Druid has revitalize, it may increase team's attack first, so this is another very useful talent for arena.
Scatter is the opposite of Revitalize. It's a good talent for 1 vs 1 battle, making the other hero almost unable to proc. For example, a druid will usually die fight solo against a Ninja, but with scatter 4 or 5, Druid will probably survive most of the fight against Ninja. For group battle, it's not very useful.

6. Miscellaneous type:

Heavy Blow: Has a 10% chance to inflict Coma for 3 secs on target when attacking.

Chances to trigger is the same as deadly strike 10% and won't change when level increases. This talent will also inflict 100% ATK damage when procs. The chance to trigger is too low for my taste, It could be useful against heroes, though not as effective as Deadly strike, which has the same proc rate, but can often kill enemy instantly.

Next is Best Talent for individual hero

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had a lvl 3 scatter on a druid b4, doesn't work well(or work at all), especially when enemy's energy increases upon attacking n being attacked. (tested 1 on 1 in raid)

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the slowdown talent, theoretically can be used against enemy's high DPS, fast moving heroes to get an edge on the base rush. (I've ever got hit by it but doesn't hurt as much; not long enough to cause any disadvantage. It is based on that unit attack speed also.)

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Very clear and detailed explanation from my point of view, kudos! A very good guide indeed!{:3_48:}

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Genocat17 replied at 8-20-2013 03:31 AM
the slowdown talent, theoretically can be used against enemy's high DPS, fast moving heroes to get a ...

Good point. This talent baffled me about its usage before.

Actually I am not sure if this slow down will reduce ATK speed or MOV speed or both?

If it's MOV speed, I think it's prety lame. If it's ATK speed, it's like reducing effective ATK by 70% * 25% ~ 18%, which is still not as good as increasing hero's ATK by 30%.

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guoyuus replied at 8-20-2013 03:59 AM
Good point. This talent baffled me about its usage before.

Actually I am not sure if this slow do ...

From what i recall it's move speed. need more tests though, hehe low on resources to do so.

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just 1 thing
Heavy Blow: if the champion has this power all your heroes are walls literally, 10% mean 1/10 hits makes coma, LV9 of champion makes 3 targets coma in 3s( just need 3 -4 hits to full mana).
In theory, The Champion with heavy blow is stronger than ninja +Self Destruct

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o0XBOX0o replied at 8-20-2013 06:39 AM
just 1 thing
Heavy Blow: if the champion has this power all your heroes are walls literally, 10% mea ...

thanks for the input!

I don't have a champion personally, but its skill indeed looks strong for arena.

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i think : ninja + self destruction, champion +heavy blow, succu+  Berserk are top 3 types in arena ( of course in attack,  in the defense unless you 've got the absolute power)

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I have a question about the talents in general.  I've not used the talent refresh before so I was curious how that works.  Is it completely random which of the 15 skills you get?  And how do you level talents up?  If it's random, at 300 gems a pop, I feel like you would need over 10-15k gems to get the talent you wanted at the highest level for just a couple of heroes.  That's ridiculous.