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[Guides] Chrysostom's Guide to Enjoying Castle Clash

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Posted on 9/26/13 2:39:09 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

There are many guides out there by players better than I am for how to win at Castle Clash.  However, this guide is different.  I talks about some of the most importaint decisions for making this game fun for you, the players.

First, I want to start this guide with a few suggestions on things to avoid:

1. The game should be a fun part of your life.  Do not let it become your life.  I have noticed that some players are spending a lot of time and money to try to be #1.  That is actually a bad idea.  Of course, it is a good idea to spend a little money for any game you like in order to help promote it if you can financially.  For folks with full time jobs, spending $5, $20, or even $100 is a reasonable expense for a game they enjoy.  For folks who do not have this money to spend, do not spend it.  This is a game, and playing it should be the fun, not just in winning.

2. The other players should be friends, and fellow gamers.  You will have the most fun if you seek to enjoy playing with them while showing respect and friendship in having the same interest in a good game.  Some strategies, such as attacking a player over and over until their resources are drained is bad sportsmanship and should be avoided.

3. This is a game for you to play, not for the forum board players to tell you exactly what to do at every turn.  The game is most fun when you come up with your own strategies, plans, and make your own decisions.  Do not come to the forum with every question you have for what is best.  Learn, try out stuff, figure out some things on your own.

4.  Do not get upset at someone else's luck.

Ok, that said, here are some ideas for how to make this game the most fun for players.  Of course, everyone is different, but here are my 10 suggestions for making the game as fun as possible:

1. Upgrade your heroes and troops first.  Do not worry about upgrading your walls or towers.  Raiding is far more fun that being attacked.  If you get your might up too much, you'll lose all your troops and heroes everytime you raid someone and will have to sit around bored.

2.  use first tier troops.  When your troops die, it takes under 15 minutes to replace them with 1st tier troops.  IN that time your heroes and troops will both respawn and you can attack again.  If you replace dead troops with tier 2 or 3 troops, you could be waiting over 30 minutes, or even over an hour between attacks.  using the lower level troops lets you replace troops quicker and move forward.  Of course, when you plan to log of for a few hours, go ahead and replace your troops with the best you have.

3.  Take the time to learn each hero, especially the ordinary ones.  Play with them all.  It is a new adventure with each of these heroes and they each have strengths.  Further, when your top 5 heroes die, you can play on by replacing those that die with the back-ups while your top 5 respawn.

4.  As alluded to in my prior point, have more than 5 heroes leveled up to some degree.  When one or two of your top 5 dies, continuing raiding by temporarily replacing your respawinging heroes with your back-ups.

5. Use your Gems wisely.  It is worth it to buy a few extra hero slots.  Maybe 1 more builder.  However, it is rarely worth it to rush construction or buy gold.  Enjoy playing at your current level.

6.  Upgrade your hero altar, this will speed the revival time for your heroes

7.  Destory rocks and grass for easy gems -- but only when that fits how you want your base to look

8.  Mix things up.  Do not do the exact same dungeon over and over 70 times a day.  Do not use exactly the same raiding pattern time and again.  Every attack should be thought out, it is more fun that way.

9.  Do not listen to the chat room... 1/2 the people on there are perverts.

10.  Participate on the forum.

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Excellent guide! Kudos! However, I have some comments:

1. Totally agree. Play at your own pace. Slow and steady over rushing and unsettled.

2. I'd love to deem other players as fellows. However, due to the nature of the game, the tension will build up. Moreover, some persons are really jerks. C'est la vie.

3. Some ideas are just so witty that you'd better follow. But keep a critical and creative mind.

4. When I see other people hit the jackpot once, I keep my cool. When I see other people hit the jackpot 3, 4 times, I do envy.


8. The primary purpose of dungeon is hero shards. And even using the same raiding pattern, the outcome could be different. I raid the same skulled dungeon hundreds of times.

9. Strongly agree. The chat room should be closed.