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[Guides] arena setups [guide]

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Hii hii,

I like people who put effort in guides, so ill give you some in depth feedback:

1. the proper single lane setup you have got fully right. Those are the five you want, always and everywhere in dps. But there are some assumtions you make which are wrong. 1st of all, druid is excellent with sprint for a dps team, this means he get 6 hit out while only being delayed by 1 sec in its proc. Second of all, berserk is strictly better than war god. 1st of all, and most important war god doesn't stack with druid's buff, meaning that war god is less effecient anyways. Second of all, it makes sure pumpkin duke and ninja can proc earlier than with war god, which is important since the shrine may already be down in 5 seconds or less (this happens when u use a full dps setup)

2. For a split lane dps, well, it isn't an actual split lane dps. Split lane means you are going hybrid, half head on head, half dps. The dps half should be existing of either SD heroes, or 5/5 revitalize SZ and PD. this is because these combinations are also good if they accidentely do meet the opponent, SZ proccing clears a lot, as does PD's proc where SD heroes just blow the opponent up. If your PD procced, your resting team (the head on head part) will be sped up to the shrine. So what to do with this boost? Well, SM. SM is beast when double buffed and will probably take out the lane that took out your dps. This means that a second lane will be Druid 5/5 revit and SM 5/5 revit. Why? Well, if Druid and SM both have same revit, they work together perfectly, Druid is a tiny bit faster than SM so will proc before she does. Ive seen my Druid and SM take out whole teams together, just because there combined power. This leaves the last lane for AC or Paladin. they need 5/5 revitalize for sure to do single lane tanking.

so why is this a split lane dps? Well no matter which lane the opponent chooses, you will have dps. If they go the tank lane or the druid/sm lane its obvious, but if they go the dps lane, you will get either their lane blown up if u use SD or you have PD proc and can easily clean up with SM. And remember, SM is a dps beast too, she is just slow and lets the enemy proc faster, which is why she isnt useful in dps setups.

3. If you have any other questions about Arena Setups, in special questions about AC or SZ, I know a lot of occuring situations about those, so just pm me if you want some details. Hope I have helped you with this

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kmy888 replied at 1-3-2014 10:25 AM
Thanks leary for the feedback. I didnt know that Wargods ability didnt stack, Ill keep that in mind  ...

Well  first of all I want to point out that this are my interpretations of the setups.

But anyway, a split lane setup, is a setup that creates 3 lanes that all want to walk into the opponent. Ill give a few examples to show what i mean:


top SD ninja
Mid Druid 5/5 revit, snowzilla 5/5 revit, SM 5/5 revit.
bottom SD pd

Use: Well, the opponent has to find a way around your SD heroes, without making themselves to vunerable to your SM. If he goes through the mid, he will probably annihilated, even if he sends a 5/5 revit AC that way since the revit heroes just blow him up from a distance. Anyway, this combi is proven to be effective already. People in general have a hard time figuring this one out.


Top 5/5 revit TG + SD ninja
Mid AC 5/5 Revit
Bottom 5/5 Revit Champ + SD pumpkin duke

Okey, so this one is a bit weird, and seems clunky, but that happens when you don't use druid. In this setup, the only way beat it is go a range kick as setup in one lane, to beat either of the revit stunners or AC. Problem is, when either of those 3 procs, your close to dead, especially with the SD heroes in front of them. However, it isn't possible to take out the revit stunners that easy since the SD heroes walk in front of them distracting so that the revit stunners can actually proc. So you need to go through the mid, and try to outdps a team without using a ninja or PD, since those would be triggering AC to go off. Anyway, tough setup to figure out again.

Which brings me to a certain point, Split lane setup's should be setups that are tough to figure out and defeat, most players have tough time estimating the go of the battle, meaning that split lane setups are quite useful to keep arena rank. However, be sure to switch the combinations around, to keep your opponents thinking, instead of giving them time to get used to your setup.

I think there is a huge difference between the real split lane and the hybrid split lane, since they have a fully different approach. Also note that Split lane setups get the most use out of SD heroes and Revit Champ or TG.

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i got all of the legendary heroes, sm lv70 5/5 slow down, tg lv68 5/5 flame shield, succubus lv68 3/5 berserk, ninja lv64 2/5 revit., pala lv68 4/5 berserk( all of theyr skills lv 4)and rest of them r lv1's, just rolled for them, used like 50k gems for a whole set of legendaries. im really wanna be successful in arena, but raiding will be my priority, so my plan is to raid with druid, pd, tg, pala and sm. reason why i say it is that im not sure what heroes do better job in both battles, because im trying to keep might as low as possible, building my walls up, then towers and then i wanna fill them with legendarys. looking forward for ur opinions ;)

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PCause4concern replied at 1-4-2014 03:31 AM
i got all of the legendary heroes, sm lv70 5/5 slow down, tg lv68 5/5 flame shield, succubus lv68 3/ ...

If you want to be succesful in arena you need to spend a lot of money tbh, I think you should just stick with your raiding team for now, let's say till they are at least all lvl 100+, and I think that your raid team will still be decent in head on head, or maybe split-lane, but keep in mind that you are far from top100 yet, so just focus on raiding while keeping your arena challenges used ;)

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