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[Guides] 5 common mistakes new clashers make

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Disclaimer: this thread is only useful for new f2p and p2p who don't want to buy too many gems at the beginning.

As a somewhat experienced player, I hate to see new clashers struggle because of some mistakes that could have been avoided. So I summarized 5 common mistakes and hope it'll be of help. The 5 mistakes are:

1) Play with heroes given to them. Most new clashers will hire a few heroes using gems or HB, then play the game with this given set of heroes. However, this is not the best way to start this game. The first step is to get a legendary hero by gem roll. So here is how it should be played:

                Step 1:Setup 20 gmail accounts.

                Step 2:Start with the first gmail account, enter the game. You will easily get 600 gems within 2 minutes by completing some tasks.

                Step 3:Use these gems to hire heroes. If you're lucky to get a legendary hero, get settled with this account and start clashing. If not, switch to your second gmail account and repeat this process.

The rumored probability of getting a legendary hero by gemroll is 5%. If this is true, the chance that you will get at least onelegendary hero after going through 20 gmail accounts (~80 rolls) is 98.3%. Soeven it's a bit of work to setup 20 gmail accounts, it will pay off.

2) Increase might but not power. Yeah, almost everything youdo will increase your might. But might isn't equal to power. I can put everything into 4 categories that all contribute to might: 1. Heroes; 2. Troopsand magics; 3. Defensive buildings (Towers and hero bases); 4. All the rest.However, only the first 3 really means how powerful the player is, both offensively and defensively. And heroes, especially legendary heroes contribute most to the power. So one should always put heroes as the top priority. The supportive buildings, such as gold and mana vault, should only be upgraded when necessary, that is, when money is needed for upgrading heroes. Heroes are also the key to move to the higher level dungeons. Troops are useful at the beginning, when heroes are not strong. Later on their usefulness will decrease by and by. I can raid D4S2  with only heroes and magics, but I cannot raid D4S2 with only troops. Towers and hero bases will only benefit you defensively, so their contribution to your power is even smaller. But good towers and walls are quite useful in monster siege.

3) Hire heroes using HB. Honor badges are very precious. Just like gems should only be used for rolling heroes, HB should only be used for upgrading heroes. Plus you can never get a purple hazed hero by HB, why bother? You only need 5 ordinary and 5 elite heroes for garrison by the end of the day. You will get them through gem rolls. Trust me, you get more ordinary heroes than legendary ones from gem rolls. And later on, you will find the only rate limiting things are HB and hero shards.

4) Cluster the productive and storage buildings in one place. Quite a few players like to put gold vaults/mines in one heavily guardedarea. This will give the player a sense of security. However, since the opponents can focus fire from any direction, the defense won't hold off all attacks. Once the defense is cracked open, the opponent can rake in all resources in the next 15 seconds. What makes things worse is that your opponent will lose the motivation to keep raiding, and not give you a 10-hour protection. Although there is no way to guruantee a 100% raid, I personally found that putting on an empty base doesn't increase the probability of 100% raid. Instead, I put my gold vault in the middle and scatter other through  the base. Also I don't collect gold mines and mana mills until either needed for upgrading something or they are full.

5) Setup the strongest heroes in the defense form of Arena. As a beginner, you most likely will stay in the 50 HB/h range for a while. If you set up the strongest heroes in the defense, soon you will find yourself in a position that you cannot move any further and not many people can drag you down. In such a scenario, you will lose most to all of your arena battles and only get 6 HB per trial. On the other hand, if you place weaker heroes in the arena, every once in a while, your rank will be dragged down, and you will have a good opportunity to win over your opponents and get 40 HB per battle. Once your rank has moved up to 6o HB/h, you can setup your strongest heroes before going to bed, and switch to weaker heroes during daytime.  

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good guide, this surely will help beginners

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So I rolled my 20 gmail accounts (which was not easy btw), and still didn't get a legendary hero over 80 hero rolls.  Now I know there was never a guarantee, but I'm really REALLY doubting that it is (still) possible to get a legendary hero with the starter freebie gems.  

This ended up being a huge waste of time.

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Boozler replied at 1-15-2014 10:30 AM
So I rolled my 20 gmail accounts (which was not easy btw), and still didn't get a legendary hero ove ...

How long ago did you get it on your 2nd account?  Things can change, and it is far more likely at 80 rolls, that it's not possible.  At a 4% roll, that is only a 3.8% chance.  Not impossible, but I really feel like I'm wasting my time here.  I'm pretty much SOL because I need unique phone numbers at this point to make new google accounts.

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Damn !!

I wish I joined the forum a month ago ( still no legendaries...)
Thanks for the great info !

Link back to main event page:

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Boozler replied at 1-16-2014 10:00 AM
How long ago did you get it on your 2nd account?  Things can change, and it is far more likely at  ...

You don't need to create all the email accounts. Apple IDs ask for an email but does not verify them.  The only email account i made was for the Apple ID that got a legendary hero.

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How do you get 600 gems in 2 minutes? The fastest  i have done this is 35 minutes. Even at 35 minuses it was worth doing this.   Great tips.

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This is a great video showing how to get the initial 600 gems: ... suKyQ&v=Y5y8dohuPkY

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I have made all those mistakes. Good guide.

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Nice guide, I'll keep everything in mind when I'm playing:)