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[Chat (Android)] (Version 2) Diamonds of Doom - A new HBM layout (with videos!)

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Posted on 1/31/14 11:53:50 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

i used the th lv13 design and farm B ( not an ideal choice lmao ) got stuck , so i assume this design only works for C and above HBM lmao bad choice for low HBM like A/B probably C

Posted on 2/1/14 8:45:24 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Can someone help me? When doing E and F, my heros keep running out of the diamond alone and getting themselves killed.

(If I'm not wrong its called aggro or something.)

Can you guys help me improve my base?

Posted on 2/1/14 8:52:49 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

up top: u need to move everything 1 step except camps. also remove gold vault and mana vault and put on left and right corner. below move everything except camps 2 steps. this will prevent aggro

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coz in your current setup right now if the spawn is frm left or right corner, high chance the majority of the spawn will go after those vaults. once they destroy it, lets say youre running F or G (im giving this example as i cant remember if E has mechs or troops that go after resources 1st), the mechs will go after that gold vault located inside the diamond. in the right instance while your hero aggro on the mechs, the spawns might be in range and go after your hero.

also, im asking you to put them on the corner coz in my experience sometimes when the spawn is from those corners, having buildings there splits them apart. you have higher chance quickly killing the spawn when they split.

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How ll you setup the Diamond with TH lvl 17 (new tower, more wall, ...) !!


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iggmaojun replied at 1-29-2014 08:44 PM static/image/common/back.gif
I found Diamond V2.0 has weakness if last wave come from exactly left or right hand side. They will  ...

I just set up the TH13 DHERU version of this to try D, and this is exactly what happened to me on my 1st run. One of the early waves spawned left an overran the buildings in that left corner, then D5 spawned there and blitzed straight for my heroes, wiping them. At the start of D5 my upper right tower and all exterior (to the diamonds) buildings were down, and my heroes were full HP.

So is that just bad luck? I'm wondering if I'm doing wrong since many ppl here are saying 100% success.
My heroes are:
5star:  82 Pal, rest lvl 100 (or close) TG, Dru, SZ, Ninja;   4star: succ;  skills all 3/9 except TG 4/9
I went with the top 5 on run 1 (no Gar), then for run 2 I swapped in the Succ and stuck the Pal in a tower with 2 greens.

Run 2 went even worse waves 1-4 as I lost 2 towers and heroes took some damage. But wave 5 spawned south where the buildings hadn't been attacked yet, so by the time the monsters came in my heroes handled 'em well.

I followed the DHERU pic exactly. Never had a single wall attacked.
So I guess it's working as intended and I just need to tweek something to get more oomph?
Any helpful advice is appreciated.

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JonnyBolt replied at 2-3-2014 06:34 PM
I just set up the TH13 DHERU version of this to try D, and this is exactly what happened to me on m ...

OK so made minor tweeks that seem to help, and it's been working really well on D. Usually lose no heroes or maybe 1, but once I wiped. Seems if waves 3 4 and 5 pop at the same spot (or close enough) the griffs  take out a tower and the building so wave 5 aggros on my heroes. So I'm working on getting better at the griffs. The druid does well but the other 3 towers are guarded by a hero who takes a while to find his way over to the griffs. Another ranged legend would be great but I'm too cheap to buy SM so I'm bettering the towers.

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Nice layout and good job

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