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[Guides] Play smart from the start - A guide for beginners.

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Here is my guide to people who are starting to play or have recently started to play.

My philosophy is: "It's better to be the best in 5th division than worst in the 3rd division"
Key in this game is might. That is the bottom line. Your goal is to be the most powerful of all players with the equal might.
Might is being gained by upgrades.
Tips regarding building upgrades, because not all buildings should be upgraded to the maximum level or even at all!
The best way to upgrade your camp is to always start with towers. When you can't upgade towers any more, do the Town Hall. If you do not have enough gold (cost of upgrade is 1 200 000 gold and your vaults hold 1 000 000) upgrade/build more Gold Vaults.
Hero bases are also fine to upgrade, since they streghten your heroes defence.
Gold mines and Mana mills are useless. Don't even build them.
As for Army Camps it's a bit special. I use level 12. That grants 42 spaces and equals to 14 Griffins/Centaurs.
Other buildings add alot of might and you should be careful with upgrading them.
Relic Hall can be upgraded to the level at which you receive Guardian Angel, I think it's level 10. No more is needed here.
Guild hall and Hero Altar should not be upgraded at all since the might punishment is very great and your defence/offence capabilities unaffected.
Magic will win battles for you. But not all magic is worth using.
I only use Recovery 5/5, Are's favor 5/5 and Guardian Angel 4/5. I recommend not upgrading any other skill since they add too much might.
A good idea is to spend whatever leftover money on walls, unless you are saving for some other big upgrade.

Troops then. As with everything, upgrading troops adds alot of might.
My advice is pick one, either Hunters or Pyromancers and upgrade them until you have either Centaurs or Griffins on the highest level.
But remember you do not need both, pick one and stick with it!
Use the right heroes. Clearly the best way is invest money and roll your heroes. But not everyone is willing to pay money (including me).
You will recieve alot of free gems troughout the game and sporadically roll for heroes. What you are hoping for is Legendaries, and the priorites are Druid and Thunder God. They are what I use most and some raids I clear an entire base using only them.
The problem is you might not get them immediatly. Do not upgrade you Ordinary and Rare heroes above 80 (preferably not over 60), it's a waste of HB.

I would advice you to only use 5 heroes, hopefully they would be Thunder God, Druid, Succubus, Champion and Paladin. Everything else (unless Legendary) you consume to strengthen these 5. The reason is heroes add ALOT of might. Legendaries in particular but they also make both offence and defence stronger. However, heroes simply sitting in your Hero Altar adding to your might is dead weight and should be consumed.

How to use the arena
Never use your primary team as defence. That will make it harder for you to win when you are playing. Maybe you could recieve 70hb/h winning 30% you what you play. Or you could use the second best lineup (could be only 4 heroes) and recieve 60/70hb/h and winning 80% of your games. In the Long run that would yield more HBs. Once you reach 90+/h you are probably going to use your primary team fr defence as well.
So what about Honor Badges. You use them only for upgrading heroes. Never roll with them. you will probably get to a point, when your heroes are at level 100 or 120, when you do not have enough HBs to upgrade your heroes more. And as the game is right now it's hard to earn more than 4000/day. Joining a guild who successfully does events on a daily basis is a great way to keep earning extra HBs

Clearly if you aspire to be the best of the best this guide is to be disregarded.
But following this guide will ensure you always being the strongest of you opponents, whatever level of might you have. At least until you reach 10 000 might, that's where I am at and I am thriving!

I would love to get some feedback, not only from beginners but more experienced players if they have any input.
Thank you for reeding and thank you IGG for a fantastic game

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Great tutorial for beginners. There is everything I regret now :D

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This is such a good tutorial. If i would see this when i started to play and not realize that i did so much mistakes now....however, this is awesome, thank you !

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Thank you for the nice feedback!

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I would know this from the start to i made many mistakes too....
Nice tutorial!

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awesome guide

easy to read and great tips:D

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Thanks for taking the time to share your exp with us. I have built everything poszible to build and now wish I could start over

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(131372358) replied at 2-10-2014 11:52 PM
Thanks for taking the time to share your exp with us. I have built everything poszible to build and  ...

I'm in the same boat.  have almost 13k might and upgraded the heck out of things that didn't need it.  I considered starting over, until I saw the early March update. It will give arena bonuses and additional daily rewards based on might.

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I like that JV attitude.

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is there a way go restart gh