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[Chat (Android)] Damage reduction setup for boss, shaman + succubus

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Posted on 6/1/14 9:33:59 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

this guy use shaman.

Posted on 10/5/14 5:15:21 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

shaman and suc debuffs do stack. I did boss 3 tonight with pd, cupid, shaman, suc, druid, champ. Lasted full 3 mins, 55 mil damage. Achieved perma stun after 1min 53 secs. I think due to shaman having heavy blow 4/5... But before perma stun, boss stun interrupted pd and stopped the stacks. The boss hit like a pansy though, and couldn't get my heroes even to half health.

If you can't perma stun boss, I can't recommend suc + shaman setup enough for any of the bosses.

He also rocks in Mesa.. Allows us to do SM3: without him, the boss just hits too hard. Just need him to 100+ 3/9 to do the job.