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[Chat (Android)] Guys I will get my Minotaur this weekend from Tapjoy.

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To Darrendotas harters
I am outraged at your post! You imply that his self loathing needs validation. His self loathing is just fine as it is there Missy!
Who are you to try to stop him from making everybody hate him? He has the anonymity of the internet to facilitate his misguided plea for attention.
Furthermore, you leave his non-existent imagination out of this, it could very well be part of his mental disability. Shame on you for criticizing someone who is clearly handicapped! That would also explain why his posts are the "mind-numbingly monotonous threads" that you apparently don't care for. JUST BECAUSE HE IS NOT CAPABLE OF IMPROVEMENT DOES NOT MEAN YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO BASH HIM.
For Pete's sake, show some compassion for those less fortunate than yourself. You should be thankful that you have the full compliment of wits, logic and intelligence to help you through life, no everyone is so blessed.
Have you even considered that maybe his parents fed him a steady diet of lead when he was a baby? That would make him a victim as well. Shame on you MissChandlerB for assuming he was a normal person when there are far too many indications to the contrary.
As for you calling out his conflicting claims, not only being free to play but the total amount he has spent on the game , isn't the true answer obvious? Since he clearly does not comprehend the world in the same manner as the rest of us, and is most likely cared for by his family and the state, he is correct to a certain degree.
This game has been free for him to play.
The money spent on his account was not earned by him, it was never his money. Other people must  put money into that account for him. No wonder he is so happy, he logs in and gets the joyful surprise of having a bunch of gems that he did not pay for. It is one of the few things in his existence that his family can do for him that actually seems to make him happy.
Clearly the mods were made aware of his special condition and that is why they tolerate his behavior and less than impressive content.
I don't know what kind of utopia you live in where there aren't any mentally handicapped people, but out in the real world there are real people with real issues and handicaps.
The world would be a better place if the developmentally challenged were not attacked by people like you!

To everyone else who supports him,
He needs this kind of support, I hope everybody will help give this 'differently-abled' member our forgiveness and support. We should constantly tell him we are proud of his effort, no matter how poor the rsults are.
We can help brighten his day and encourage him by saying "Nice try there little buddy, you get a gold star!" every chance we get.
It would be great to comment on as many of his post as we can, just to make sure he gets the positive encouragement he needs.

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heywassup25 replied at 10-3-2014 01:57 PM static/image/common/back.gif
To Darrendotas harters
I am outraged at your post! You imply that his self loathing needs validation ...

saw it on another one of his thread. thought it was on point and wanted to spread the word,

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Hahahah darren, pm me. This is hilarious

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Gratz in advance.

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Good job boy, I got my mino from tapjoy months ago (actually 12 accounts have him)

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Buying 149000 gems and tap joying the last few is not impressive.  You've bought gems.  You've admitted it.  Saying you're a born again virgin isn't the same as being a virgin.

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grats man

Proffesional Hobo
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free bump