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[Chat (Android)] The fall of an empire (or business)

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I play both on Android and Facebook, but I am going to post this here.   Currently on the Facebook version of the game, there is a spammer that continously spams (once every 15 sec)  the website address of "cheats".  Now I will not go to this website and fully suspect that it is virus laden, but everybody who is active on facebook continously reports this activity to Live Support.   They have banned multiple people from this site, but he continously pops back up as a new user name with I'm sure an IP address.    This really baffles me how IGG can continue to let this happen.    I know they filter word content..cant this be filtered???   Is it asking too much to actually have an IGG employee with some power to ACTUALLY log into their own game and see what is going on?

Getting VERY frustrated with this....    The last update 3 weeks ago included "patches" to fix the range damage cheat and the super soldier cheat.   Guess what..I have reported more then 20 people to live support in last 10 days.      I don't play this game to spend all day making videos of cheaters IGG...:@

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As long as a lot of idiots spending sh1tloads of money for every new overpowered legendary they dont give a fak about everything else.
Then their profit will fall down they will start showing some attention.

Simple as that.

Stop feeding IGG with money!!!
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I.P's are like can pick and choose, pick and choose, and get rid of the ones that you don't like to replace with new ones.

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why waste time noticing others? just continue having fun for your self and let those people get through with what they want..

like kmy888 said.."quit if u can't stand it"

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If you cant beat em join em

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