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[Chat (Android)] New forum?

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Forum unrest and behavior unbecoming of a moderator

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[Insert comment over 4 characters, making this a valid post and not a pointless, blank bump with no value]

If you can read this then you are a troll.
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Hello Mod's Team (I see Every Mod Team Member in this Thread) 

Nyc to see you guys talk together. Its also Very Nice  to see Cordi and Kirikara (Our Lovely X-Mod's ) to Join in the conversation. I just wanted to let them know that we miss you guys, Especially your witty Humor Cordi.

Regarding the Points which is needed to be changed in the forum as well as the Game (I hope the purpose of this thread is to do constructive criticism of both things within the Forum Rules specify)

I have some points which I would like to Personally see to change in the game and the fourm.

Changes in the game :

1. Making Troops Relevant Again:
I personally Feel that Troops are needed to be make Relevant Again in the Game. The arrival of Consequent hero's and their consequent nerfing has made the Troop completely irrelevant and they are of no use. we need to do something to make the hero more relevant by either adding more troops and making new types of  troops which could help lower the H.P of the hero.

2. Adding New Chat System : This is the No 1. Demand form a Lot of us Game Player's feel is that the chat system is still not perfect. The chat sometime hangs and and does not sends the message on time, and the system is not guild Friendly.In a guild the option of calling for a personal message to someone within the chat using @ system (E.G- If I am in a Guild with First Lady and within a string of Messages  in the guild i wanna say Specifically to her I can just Type @First lady: My message, so that she knows that is for her . We also need more space to chat, the current character limit does not allow us to create a full sentence without breaking it into two parts which is very irritating, nonethe less, as a guild leader i felt so, when i have to say somethings.

3. Adding New Defenses: To Make the game more Strategical, we need to add some more Defenses other than Hero Bomb, Bomb, Towers and Totem's. New Defenses really will change the Dynamics in the Game and make it more interesting.

4. Changes in the Guild Ranks, and In-game  Voting system: I really feel That Ranks in The guild are needed to be added, so that The Leader can Reward and Punish Member's . Also, Ranks must be in hand of Leader, and must be based on Guild work and the Service you have done to the Guild. Also, Just like Leader Election. The Leader must have a Option to start Election for Vice Leader's and Other Position, just in case this system is implemented.

Changes in the Forum:

1. Creating a Updated Forum Constitution: 
The Fourm Rules have needed to be updated and made into a more clear and Precise Rule Book with Very Clear and Crisp rules on What is the Rule to post, What is the Rule of Spamming etc. This allows member to be clear on the rules , and made Moderators work more easy and less time consuming.

2. Allowing Mod's to Write a Detailed Action Report on any Thread: I think, Its Necessary that moderators should be allowed to give a  Detailed action report on any thread, as they are the final interpreter of the Fourm Rules. Also, sending out more Precise report on why the action was taken, allows clarity form both parties and causes less hassle for Mod's to clarify further doubts "Why My Post was deleted..Etc"

3. Bring Back Fourm Karma !: Though I am a 2nd Generation  Forum User, But I heard the Features of the 1st Forum, And I liked it. It should be Re-Incorporated in the 2nd Generation. It's allows us to be more crateive and fun on this fourm.

WOW. This Might have been the Longest Post I have Ever Made on the Fourm until Now. Lol.   

[left]You are the best for yourself[/left]
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All of us are old players and we wanna igg stops update until igg fixed and finished loked stage, troops talents, hbm3, forum, chat and more but day by day there are new clasher and day by day others gone.

This game is a bisnes (you gave money to igg and now you dont give more. Well lets new peopple buy gems for to continue the game).

New clashers have a lot to do before to care about troops. (They dont have coleopters).

I dislike to say this but the others mods. Are rigth.

Pd. Sorry bro

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Well, nearly two years later, this post is certainly awkward to view again.

Anyone who missed the question resolutions, since the post was made:

The new monthly calendar looks great and fulfills many needs for hero altar space, but will we lose out on any of the current rewards?
Yes, we did lose out on an Elite and Ordinary hero given free every month. The upgrades in calendar revision 2 and 3 were great.

Will torch war ever benefit European or other Eastern players' schedules and allow them to participate? Did my guild quit because the mode didn't fit our schedules?
Torch battles were never changed and my guild eventually went inactive later in the year. We merged up 150 might and donation ranks and carried on, having merged with Americans (mostly Californian, if that matters). The old guild was never fully revived and still rots til this day. The new guild has had troubles over the years amd we sent our original top 4 might to a separate guild to improve Guild Wars for everyone. Of my original guild, only 2 or 3 members are active that I know of.

Will we EVER see troop talents, regardless of how worthless they become as new heroes and new features further spread hero and troop strengths?
No, I don't think so. The item was removed completely.

Will any tank class hero in the game ever be worth using as a tank?
No. The Hero Class system never did anything and was also removed.

---- History ----

I'd like to take the opportunity to illustrate how 2 years can change someone from a typical complainer or troll, into a forum mod.
Do you complain?
Do you get upset?
This was one of my moments.
Thank you all for witnessing it and ackowledging the change from Jan 2014 til now.


I muted myself. Talk about an abuse of power, eh?