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[Chat (Android)] How to Farm HBM S: TH20, no Magic Towers

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EDIT: with some video to prove it


Obviously you need really strong heroes.

Even with strong heroes, however, ppl rely on stun towers to farm (win 95%+) S. Like many, I don't like wasting exp on elites or ordinaries. So here's how to ditch those and increase your win-rate.

I go about 19/20 by doing the following:

Step 1:
Dump your corner base and build a cc-hyuga sidebase.

As is, it's susceptible to 1) flying units off the back; 2) having walls broken. The first is a huge problem for S, as the waves' most dangerous units are all flying. To fix this, reorganize your hero bases from two rows of three to the pic shown below.

Next pull all exterior buildings far away from your walls. If heroes get too close and the building they're locked onto go down before they turn the corner for the single entrance, they could break walls. Not many TG procs reach your heroes with the simple setup below.

Step 2:
Dump Santa and start investing in Pixie.

I benched my 10-star, 95i, 9/10, 5/8WG Santa a month ago and haven't looked back. PvP he's a beast - never drop him. High lvl HBM is different animal. 1) He's flawed; at some point he'll go down, as a wave isolates him and he sends two missiles to Pluto trying to kill a single fairy dragon. 2) You don't need more atk power; you need more defensive capability.

I can't tell you how many times 2 waves swallowed Cupid and PD, but massive heals (60k+) from the Pixie + Druid combo kept them alive. It's essential.

This is the necessary formation:

     Vlad  Molt
Pixie    PD   Druid

Distance and angles between hero bases prevents giant Molt from taking them all out in a single proc, as long as your heroes hold their ground at the point of entry and don't die. 

Step 3:
Level (and use) defensive talents/crests - even "ordinary" ones.

The hero formation above relies on Cupid tanking. Vlad and Molt need to stonewall flying back waves before they destroy your buildings (#1 way to lose S). Cupid (and PD) tanking separately in the front will provide enough targets to keep everyone's energy and atk stacking like it should. Anyone else tanking in front is less ideal.

My talents/crest combos go roughly like so:

Vlad (lvl 181, 98i, 8/10) - 5/8 WG, 4/5 Tenacity (needs to kill fast and survive)
Molt (lvl 165, 95i, 8/10) - 5/8 LD, 3/5 Bulwark (debuff on giant Molt essential)
Druid (lvl 181, 95i, 7/10) - 5/8 FG, 3/5 LD (has relatively low HP, so needs extra protection)
PD (lvl 181, 97i, 9/10) - 8/8 zerk, 4/5 revive (any lower lvl revive isn't enough)
Pixie (lvl 178, 95i, 9/10) - 5/8 zerk, 4/5 revite (revite only for big atk [heal] boost)
Cupid (lvl 181, 96i, 9/10) - 4/5 revite, 4/5 SS (gotta be at least a lvl 4 SS or Tenacity)


The details described above is what I've found necessary to farm - not 70% - HBM S, w/ TH20, w/o magic towers.

My Towers are lvl 10, vaults are lvl 21, and hero bases are lvl 21

Bringing PD from 5 to 8 zerk allowed me to go from 80-85% win rate, to 95%+. It also put me on the top-5 (speed) leader boards for just about every S wave (on iOS). Without everyone attacking extremely fast, building HP at these levels are just too low to win consistently. Speeding everyone up is the best way to circumvent w/o gemming your builders.

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Something tells me you're not even close to farming S.


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When I start farming a new HBM, I typically ss about 20 or so runs to edit a table used to see the average exp differences of each level. So to provide some small amount of credibility, I'll upload them...

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darren gets his ass kicked, again, no surprise ...