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[Chat (Android)] HEALING 101

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The goal of healing is to recover a portion of hit points lost during the battle. 

A hero can be healed in the following ways:

- Healed by an allied healer such as druid, ork or pixie;
- A hero can self-heal through talent Life Drain;
- Some heroes have built-in self-healing in their skills such as Dracula and reaper.


In this case, it is important to understand that the magnitude of those heroes' heals will depend solely on two factors:

a) Total hero's ATK stat
b) level of skill of the healer

The level of skill is improved obviously investing on shards to buy and consume essences/sacrifice heroes.
The total hero's ATK stat is increased by:

-Increasing his level/star rank;
-Increasing his inscription level;
-Crests' ATK stats;
-Stat bonus from game modes (eg: hbm bonus according to hero base, arena bonus according to nobility, etc)

Note 1: It's hard to explain and understand but it's really important to know that talents (war god and bulwark included) do not influence the amount of healing by the talent % itself. However, they can influence if and only if as crests giving more or less ATK stat. 

Note 2: As healing is influenced by the ATK stat, it is interesting to know that the set crests that provide the most ATK stats are beserk, deadly strike and war god. So these are the best crests to increase the healing, stressing that the talents will not influence the cure, only the stats will!!!

The exact calculation of the healing is done as follows:

Normal healing = (base ATK + inscription ATK + crest ATK)*skill%

HBM = normal healing * (bonus the base of the hero)

Note 3: Lost realm and arena also have bonus on attributes.

Note 4: You may erroneous think that ork's heals its an exception as his skill description says "half of the damage blah blah blah"; but it's not!! His damage will indeed be buffed, though his heals wont (it is easy to observe in mesa or gorge or whatever with a lot of pds and cupid buffs. His heal will remain the same instead of going higher and higher..) They only wrote "half of the damage blah blah blah" in ork's description because they were too lazy to explicite the heal's percentage.

Here is a video proving that orks heals do not get buffed (it is in portuguese, but you can understand the numbers if you have half brain...)

Some examples:

i) Druid level 162 inscription 80 skill 6/10 and slow down 2/5 crest set

First, the primary talent wont influence heal value so it does not matter.

level 162 druid = 3455 base ATK
80 inscription = 2212 bonus ATK
slow down 2/5 set crest = 355 bonus ATK
Skill 6/10 = 250%

So the healing, for game mode such as raids and dungeons is: 
(3455+355+2212)*2,5= 15055
For hbm you'll need to multiply this value by the hero's base bonus. For instance, suppose lvl 17 hero base (34% bonus) so we would get 15055*1,34= 20174

ii)  Ork level 145 inscription 85 skill 7/10 set de crista bulwark 3/5

First, the primary talent wont influence heal value so it does not matter.
Second, the crest talent being bulwark or war god only will influence by its ATK stats but the talent bonus itself wont matter.

ork level 145=3648 ATK base;
Bulwark 3/5 set crest =647 ATK;
inscription 85 =2552 ATK;
skill 7/10 = 290% damage and 290%/2=145% healing;

Finaly his heals will be, for dungeons and raids, etc:

Again, for hbm you'll need to multiply this value by the hero's base bonus. For instance, suppose lvl 17 hero base (34% bonus) so we would get 9435*1,34 = 12642,9
note: Only the ork's proc DAMAGE enemies will be influenced by 12% due to the bulwark talent and/or potential buffs cupid and / or PD.

CONCLUSION: In order to increase your healers' heals you'll need to increase their level, their skill, their inscription lvl, and use crests combinations with higher ATK bonus (fyi berserk is one of the crests set that gives the highests atk bonus among all crests.. so consider zerk 4 crests in your druid or zerk 3 crests for your ork!!) also for hbm you'll benefit from high level hero base..


Despite of what some less experienced players could imagine, the life drain won't "work" along with the skill. In fact, life drain's heal only exclusively occur when the hero performs a "normal hit".

The amount of recovered HP is calculated as follows:

Hero's final total HP multiplied by the percentage referring to the life drain level.

Note: If the hero also has a talent that increases HP such as Tenacity or bulwark, this will influence the life drain! It is a known combo!

Example 1: Santa Boom level 180 with inscription 90 Life Drain 5/10 main talent 

and 3/5 revive secondary talent.

Santa lvl 180 = 35900 HP;
Inscription 90 = +38902 HP;
Set to revive 3/5 grants more 20000 HP;

Thus, every normal hit will recover (35900 + 38902 + 20000) * 5% = 4740

If istead of revive 3/5 we had 3/5 Tenacity crest set(bonus HP 12600 and HP 

increases by 20%), the life drain heal would then be the following:

(35900 + 38902 + 12600) * 1.2 * 5% = 5244

Example 2: Moltanica lvl 181 with 100 inscription Life drain 8/8 with 4/5 revive crest set:

Molta lvl 181 = 54200 HP;
Inscription 100 = +50990 HP;
Set to revive 4/5 grants more 35800 HP;

Thus, every normal hit will recover (54200+ 50990 + 35800)* 15% = 21148 WHICH IS AWEEEESOME!!!
And at hbm it will be even higher!!! for instance, lets consider level 20 hero base(40% bonus): 

(54200+ 50990 + 35800)*1,4*15% = 29608

Anyways hope it helps.


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Very informative, thank you for sharing:)


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