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[Chat (Android)] Increased Attack Speed 101

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Posted on 8/13/15 9:43:10 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

The attack speed is very important for your strategy in the game. It will impact greatly since the choice of the heroes for permastunning the boss to your heroes' skills upgrading order.

There is a great misinformation about this basic factor of the game, so mastering it will give you a great advantage and insight needed to achieve higher triumphs in the game.

First, you need to understand that the Castle Clash's attack speed is not the frequency of attack; it is actually a period of time between the normal hits of your hero. Thus, 1200ms means 1.2 seconds.

It is also important to note that the IGG always rounds up the attack speed: on Android rounding is done to the next higher multiple of 200ms. 

Knowledge of how Increased Attack Speed (IAS) works is crucial because some buffs combinations (zerk, PD, frenzy) simply won't bring effective results. Knowing how to combine them for getting greater attack speeds distinguishes a good player from another.

The calculation of a hero's attack speed improved by a single buff is:

FinalAS = InitialAS / (1+buff)

Do not forget to round the number up to the 200ms top multiple.

Example 1: 1000ms Hero with 5/8 beserk

FinalAS = 1000 / (1 + 0.3) = 769.2 which is rounded up to 800 ms

Example 2: 1000ms Hero with 2/8 berserk

FinalAS = 1000 / (1 + 0.15) = 869.5 which is rounded up to 1000ms

In the case where multiples buffs happen simultaneously (combination of berserk frenzy and/or pds' stacks)  all buffs are put in productory dividing the initial attack speed as follows:

FinalAS= initialAs / [(1+buff1)(1+buff2)...(1+buffn)]

Example 3: Hero with 1200ms base atk speed with 3/5 berserk under the influence of 2 stacks of a 7/10 Pumpkin duke

Final AS= 1200 / {(1 + 0.2) (1 + 0.4) (1+ 0.4)} = 510.2 which is rounded up to 600ms.

Those who do not have mathematical experience or confidence can use the attack speed calculator available at this thread  which allows you to forecast various scenarios.

Helpful hints:

  • Berserk 4 or 5 assigned to an 1000ms inital attack speed (AS) hero such as PD, Druid, etc is mathematically the same as improving permantenly his base attack speed to 800ms.

  • Similarly, Berserk 8/8 will improve a 1000ms hero's attack speed to 600ms.

  • Berserk 4 or 5 are exact and mathematically equivalent within heroes with inital 1000ms AS considering the scenarios without buffs or even with buffs from an allied PD with skill 8/10 or greater. 

  • Originally 1200ms heroes (eg: ork, vlad, santa, etc) can have their base AS improved to 1000ms with zerk 3/8.

  • The maximum atk speed that a hero can reach is 200ms. For a hero with 1000ms original atk speed, it is reached in the following situations:

-with zerk 2,3, 4 or 5 after 4 stacks of only one PD 8/10 or greater

-with zerk 6 after 3 stacks of one PD 10/10 stacks of a PD 7/10 or greater 

-with zerk 7 after 3 stacks of one PD 9+/10 or after 4 stacks of a PD 7+/10

-with zerk 8 after 3 stacks of one PD 8+/10 or after 4 stacks of a PD 6+/10

-game modes where there is more than one PD (such as mesa, gorge, LR bosses)

  • To get a permastun with only champion and PD, one way is champion to have a berserk 3/5 and two stacks of a PD 8/10 or greater to achieve 400ms with which he would take 2.8 seconds to make 7 hits, and fill his energy bar proc'ing again before his stuns ends(3s). This is also possible with a PD 7/10 with the help and correct synchronization of a cupid's energy buff. This can also be achieved by a berserker 3+/8 PD 8+/10 (but you will want a zerk at least 4 for pd anyways...)

Hope y'all like =)


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Posted on 8/13/15 9:47:38 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I'll survive without doing math while playing cc. Thanks.

Posted on 8/13/15 10:22:06 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I love all the maths stuff.

So My Revite PD is 7/10 and I have a 2/5 Bzk crest = 800 once proc'd....

But... a 3/5 Bzk crest OR a 8/10 = 600 once proc'd...

Which is the same as a PD 10/10 Bzk 7???? Wow!

Either way I got a lot of grinding to do for 0.2 seconds, but I am closer than I thought.

Posted on 8/13/15 10:27:34 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Again we thank you for the information.:)


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