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[Chat (Android)] New update sucksss...I love IGG and CC but y u guys foolishly made this update

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Posted on 8/19/16 4:30:06 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

are you guys ignorant or just not ...... anyways most of us know
and btw dont even understand why people who has no idea whatsever speak out in this topic

at this point i will say, leave last message and deinstall (igg and community"s own fault when comments are ignored) but truth to be told there are lots of other games, no need to lingering around (sure those spend weekly around 100 bucks on it will feel regret but its better to make a clean cut and use further money better than looking at the spent), just do daily and hope for some time after while with no change you will forget this one game

Posted on 8/19/16 4:53:50 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Please check this out - Clarification about recent issues happening on ver 1.2.95

And i am gonna lock this thread dude.

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