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[Chat (Android)] Too many problems

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Posted on 10/18/16 2:17:03 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I know most people on this forum are cynical and im sure to cop jokes and teasing about this post but i believe my point is valid.
As someone that has been playing from the beginning and has spent thousands of dollars on this game i think, as a paying customer, i should have a say on the product ive recieved. Im not whingeing about what heroes or talents ive rolled as that is pointless and many frustrated customers have done that before to no avail.
My point is fixing the problems as they exist in game play. Fortress feud glitches is a huge one and there are many more that im sure igg are aware of but cannot be bothered fixing. I know that some people have spent upwards of 10000 dollars on this game yet it is more important to make more money than it is to keep loyal customers happy with gameplay, hence why you lose them.
Moderators that are donating their time to a company that makes $$$.. would you offer to sell coke products for free? This is ridiculous apart from serving the moderators some form of power or control status.
I will not spend another dollar on a product when old and clear problems refuse to be fixed. Would i still spend money on a car that doesnt work when i could just buy another, perhaps better, car.
Im sure this post will be deleted or muted quickly as it would upset the hierarchy but adding pets to this game when old problems are ignored is just going to create more problems.
Get it together before customers take their hard earned money elsewhere.

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I hear the sound of crickets..... 

Posting here falls on deaf ears dude.....

Hosh pagamisa. Awe 
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I see them crying and whinning, and do some more crying and some more whinning but they still play the game. I also decided not to spend any more money like months ago, for about the same reasons, but i still play the game because all in all i still enjoy it. If you wanna stop spending THEN STOP, if you want to stop playing THEN STOP.

Let me break it to you and to everyone actually.

IGG does not care what u think about the game, they are a company looking to increase profits as much as possible, if the game fails or lacks to make profit they will just drop it like a stone and focus on a new project or another game that satisfies their profit needs.

They created a product and its up to you do decide if you consume it or NOT.

It will really be naive to think otherwise.

Best to all.

I love CC
Posted on 10/18/16 3:14:02 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I'd give everyone a free soda in an instant if I could.

Thay's why I'm here.. to help ease the burden of all clashers, whether they are a toe deep or neck deep in the pool that contains all of us.

I sent my list of complaints about the game and forum to admin and await feedback on the matter. Meanwhile, I've already found a bug in the pet update (I think) and also submitted that.

The reason most of us accept this position or hope to fulfil it, is to help people.. right?

I muted myself. Talk about an abuse of power, eh?
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Posted on 10/18/16 3:32:25 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Psycrology, While you are entitled to your personal opinion just as everyone else is, however your post comes across as more of a complaint, which to be most effective should be submitted to Live Support.  However if this is intended as a suggestion, then perhaps you should clearly state your issue and associated suggestion.

You say fix the existing problems and yet only list the Fortress Fued playback issue, which you refer to as a huge glitch.  While it can be frustrating not being able to see all the battle playback it does not change the outcome of the battle, and anyone who has been participating in the event is aware that the glitch itself has been addressed in part as we have been able to see more and more of the playback before the looping starts, and even when it does start, it does not last nearly as long.  So it is a bit of an exaggeration when you say that IGG cannot be bothered to fix it, as attempts have obviously been made although the fix has not been perfected.  Again this is the only issue which was clearly identified in your post.

Further in terms of IGG's continual quest to generate revenue, well that is the primary objective of any Company, so imo they are doing what Companies do.  However people will continously navigate away from the game for various reasons, just as others will navigate towards it, either way it is an individual choice.

In regards to the Moderation Team; we do not receive "$$$" as we are patrons of the game who choose to volunteer our services, which is not a "ridiculous" concept in fact in various fields some level of volunteer services are absolutely required in order to survive.  Again a personal choice, although I fail to see the correlation between gaming issues and the forum moderators.  

However, I personally see no reason to remove the post as you are merely stating your personal opinion and you did so within forum guidelines.  So as long as the thread itself does not go to far in the wrong direction, I believe it will be visible for all to see and respond as they see fit.


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Posted on 10/18/16 5:47:38 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Thank you for contacting us and bringing this issue into our attention.

To begin with, we want to express our thanks for your report in our game, which brings our attention to this in-game issue.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience that you may suffer from this concern. With reference to your concern on Fortress feud(the main concern you have), kindly rest assured that we have recorded it and will conduct further investigations and take the necessary action in the later days. It is our aim to provide a more fantastic gaming platform for you in the later days. Our technical team is aware of this and they are always doing their best to have this FF issue fixed within the soonest possible time.  We may consider compensating with some Gems once it is fixed. Sorry for  this inconvenience.

Thank you for your support. Have fun and enjoy the game.

*** Bumping down

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Posted on 10/18/16 3:05:53 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I spent my entire career as a software developer.  Given the complexity of this game it has stunningly few bugs.  In general, developers want to fix bugs because they have pride in their work like anyone else.  

Management usually has different priorities.  Fixing bugs which don't seriously affect game play is not usually high on the their priority list.

I'm actually impressed IGG has spent so many programming hours fixing bugs and improving the UI.  

No software program of this complexity is ever going to be perfect.

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Posted on 10/18/16 4:01:04 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I agree with you bdelly - there are relatively few bugs, and those that exist are hardly game-breaking. More like small inconveniences.

The reality is that IGG knows far more about the player base, retention rates, etc. than we do. And they make business decisions based on what they believe will result in the most profit. If they really thought a significant number of people were leaving the game due to a UI bug they would fix it. But it appears the economics favor investing in new game content and heroes. Go figure.

As for FL's comments on FF - how would we know things are getting better? We have now been trained not to watch fights. Period. If anyone even suspects a member is watching fights, they get yelled at and possibly drummed out. The 'watch fight' feature might as well be removed (which really sucks, as without watching it is tough to refine team composition).