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[Chat (Android)] Lava help

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Hi guys,
Im an old school player thats been back for about a month and a half after a very long hiatus.
Lots has changed in the game since i last played properly, but now the bug has been re-caught and im finding myself wanting to play more seriously again.
I figured a good place to start would be lava isle 3 as ive been informed the rewards far outweigh mesa, however, i don't know the strat and with random players it seems an uphill struggle.
Ive attached pictures of my altar, all skills on important heroes are 8/10+ with alot being 9/10, and all talents are 5/8+ (with the exception of 1 or 2 4/5 revites) help in how to setup for lava or any other game mode would be much appreciated.
Thanks in advance

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I thought i had attached images... Help in doing that would also be appreciated

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Will be unable to help on image (I am using forum on PC which has quite different interface), but let me go over basics of lava.

Lava Isle 3 has 4 teams.   Each team has different role, so unlike Mesa, assembling random groups every time is not viable strategy.    Seek a permanent group, most of which are guild based.

The group consists of tank team (usually based around SK or some other OP tank), Tree team (You need evo or devo tree, preferably with 8/10), Ice Demon team (High skill ID is good for slowing down enemies, preferably with Revite) and Val team (with Val having 5 revite).   Each group has somewhat different ideas on who else goes into teams, but all teams have high level PK.   SM, PD, Cupid can be used, and some other recent OP heroes such as GS or Anubis work really well too.   Ghoulem is very useful as well.

You need fair deal of revite, since initial drop is what usually determines success or fail. Talents or crests.   Revive is good too, in Crest form.   Eye of Garuda artifact can be helpful.

Check some videos to get a good feel for the mode.   Teams usually go into lower right corner, except for tank team, which doesn't fit, so has to go either north or west of the corner, to take the punishment of initial drop and to protect the corner.

Some OP groups can carry the weaker 4th team, but it depends on group.   Usually you figure out which position you can fill and then seek a group missing that position.   Posting altar is not ideal way to ask advice because we won't see the level of your talents - but you should still see some good info even w/o that.   Otherwise, start typing.

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If you have theses heroes you have every team necessary. You may be asked to switch to a certain position. There is north south east west. Each spot has designated heroes. 

NO DEVIATIONS! There is utterly no point at our newbie stage. We will lose.

3 gholem 
1 treantaur
1 val with 5/5 revite talent 
1 sk
1 dd
3 pd
4 pk ice demon or moltanica or grimfiend  
3 grizz 
1 spirit mage
1 Aries

All must be a minimum of 160 evo (except ice demon)

Minimum of 7/10 for tree
All others should be minimum of 8

Aviar (on pk) finix bubbles unicorn mini angi

Revive crests on all except sk can use slowdown. Slowdowns can be used as an alternative and also when 100% wins start 

Eye of Garuda, a must on west on pk, Victor's emblem on most blitz on pd goblet of life or axe of strife on remainder

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Keep in mind though, that your Lava team mates will likely dictate who you are going to level.

And unless you are leveling everyone, it's a good idea to communicate with your lava team mates, on priority needs.

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Figured out picture uploads, file size was previously too large. As said in initial write up, all talents are 5 + besides 4 vite on the grimfeind and anubis and one or 2 less important heroes.
All skills are 8 or 9

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Are you in a guild?  if so, your guild probably has a favorite way to do it, and your guild mates will tell you what their expectations are.

There are many ways to do lava now, but within a small community like a guild or regular group of friends, there will probably be one static way to do things and that's probably for the best, especially if you're not very experienced and your heroes aren't over-powered yet.

Find out what they do and how they do it.  You may be best suited for a particular spot and just stick to that one, or you may be more needed for a particular spot even if it's not your best because, say, you're the only guy with a good tree. 

Fit in where you matter most.

Also, never stop developing your lava team(s).  There is serious overlap between lava and the heroes you'll use elsewhere -- like ghoulem, SK, PD, Anubis, Cupid/Val, to start.  It's a task most people should expect to have to stick to for months ... and that's regardless if you have other things you'd rather be doing, like fooling around with new heroes for this or that nonsense.  Lava is critical, and you owe it to your team mates to be reliable and just plain good ... mistakes are costly and rewards are high!

In particular, since it is very hard to survive the initial huge damage burst as you drop in, I'd get every hero you have evo and devo.  It doesn't matter if you can heal damage or cast protective shields later -- at first, you just need to survive.

Keep building your lava heroes, and eventually you will get a win rate approaching 100%.  Do it half-arsed, and you will bring a lot of grief to people and may eventually find it hard to find groups even within your own guild.  To do lava right, you really need to be a team player and to commit.

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I'm going to sound like a simpleton after all this good advice, but thought I'd add my 2cents anyway. If only as a comedic aside.

I only play the public side. I usually go to the tank position. I always make sure of three things before I let the timer run down:

  1. All teams have PK (or there are at least 3 in total)
  2. One team has Devo Tree
  3. One team has a high level (180+) Ice Demon

It took some trial and error for me to evolve this simple strategy, but in general it works every time the tree survives. I've noticed that if there's a devo GS on one of the teams behind mine, including the points I set out above, we don't lose.

My current L3 team:
Anubis2009/104/8 War God4/5 ReviteDevo
Pumpkin Duke20010/105/5 Revite4/8 ReviveDevo
Ghoulem2009/105/8 Stone Skin4/8 BulwarkDevo
Phantom King1817/105/8 Berzerk4/8 ScatterEvo
Skull Knight1838/106/8 Deadly Strike4/8 ScatterEvo

Fame: why my PK and SK are not Devo yet :sick:

p.s. last 10 or so, I've been on the losing side once.

Posted on 8/14/17 6:12:01 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Lava 3 isn't that serious anymore, you can 2 or 3 man it. I only do randoms at this point. It's not 100% but better than playing the game on a schedule. I use Anubis, Gunslinger, Ghoulem, Treantaur and PD. The only thing you really need is Treantaur because heroes dying is inevitable, so bring yours. Even if you end up with four Treantaur's, you'll still win with plenty of time.

You can switch Gunslinger with Trixie Treat, Cupid or Valentina.

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