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[Chat (Android)] Lava 4 setup - no arctica, 3 GS, no vite 5 crest

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Posted on 10/11/17 3:20:45 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

We wanted to share our setup for lava 4 with the community. It was designed by iNokia form "israel" guild (he plays both iOS and Android servers).
It consist of 3 GS (yeah, that sucks), 2 Anubises and 3 TTs (lack of GS and TT) and no 5 revite crests!
It's pretty stable (had 6 out of 6 today), but we are still tuning it.

All heroes are DEVO (accept maybe tree) crested with revive (3), except anubises with revite (3/5 or 4/5). If you have revive talent - use slowdown crest for dps.
Most heroes doesn't have perfect talents (like 8/8 SS/BW etc.)

Since we don't have 5 revite crests and no arctica, we use one 5 revite Cupid on blitz so revite heroes can proc fast sucks on dps but it what helps us survive the first blow.

Copy both teams and pets - especially GHs with yulephats, and the use of BB and little havocs (in case that ice demon dies).

Make sure ice demon is at least 8/10, 10*. Ours is 90i, lvl ~190.

Good luck!

IGN: AceMan26, Might: 270k+
Guild(iOS): Israel
Farming HBM AF, ID 6-10
5-6 – no Mino no SM:
5-10 – no Mino, no SM, no DD, no SK:
Posted on 10/13/17 1:37:40 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Thanks for sharing your strat.  A strat like yours that doesn't require arctica or other rare or super-powered heroes is extremely valuable if it is reliable.

Posted on 10/16/17 12:02:51 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Bump for this, thanks