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[Chat (Android)] What heroes to use in what game modes?

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Posted on 10/12/17 11:44:44 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hello, I’m not too sure what heroes I should use for what and what heroes I should level up/give more skill and in what order, maybe you can help me out?
Up until now I’ve used my main team for everything, but I may have to change some things up or something.
For your information, my might is around 66k.
Here are the heroes I own:
My main team
Evo SK lvl 175 (8/10 skill)(4/5 Corrode)
Evo Pumpkin Duke lvl 160 (8/10 skill) (4/5 Revite)
Evo Aries lvl 160 (8/10 skill) (4/5 Revite)
Evo Ghoulem lvl 160 (8/10 skill) (4/8 Stone Skin)
Evo Cupid lvl 160 (9/10 skill) (3/5 Revite)
Evo Michael lvl 160 (8/10 skill) (4/8 Stone Skin)

The heroes I'm not really using:
Evo Vlad lvl 140 (7/10) (5/8 Flame Guard)
Santa lvl 180 (7/10 skill) (4/8 Life Drain)
PK lvl 180 (7/10 skill) (5/8 Scatter)
DD lvl 180 (7/10 skill) (4/5 Enlighten)
Lil' Nick lvl 180 (7/10 skill) (6/8 War God)
SM lvl 160 (7/10 skill) (3/8 Scatter)
Rockno (7/10 skill) (5/8 Heavy Blow)
Grimfiend lvl 160 (5/10 skill) (2/8 Life Drain)
Moltanica lvl 160 (4/10 skill) (3/5 Enlighten)
Treantaur lvl 60 (2/10 skill) (1/10 Stone Skin)
Medusa lvl 1 (1/10 skill) (4/5 Enlighten)
Revenant lvl 1 (1/10 skill) (1/8 Tenacity)

Just a casual no-lifer passing by
Posted on 10/12/17 1:08:14 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Yes, you should be close to the point where 6 "main" heroes doesn't cut it

All the ones you are using are good.   The ones you are not using are also good, although some like Santa, SM, Tree, etc, are quite specific to particular mode.

I would leave Revenant off your list.   Everyone else is worth using, except maybe Tree (which is worth using too, but in very limited situations).   Some, like SM or LN, shine only when maxed, though.

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