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[Chat (Android)] Gambling problem

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Posted on 10/13/17 2:50:05 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

When I started playing about 4 years ago everything was all right. I didn't spend any money for two years atleast. However, since last year I have spent over $550 and everytime I log on, I feel like spending more. Sad part is, I log on several times a day, and with a baby on the way, my wife keeps complaining that I'm spending too much time and money on this.i thought about quitting, but I don't feel like just leaving it, if I'm leaving it I want to atleast get 500 bucks back. I understand most people who spend money try to make YouTube videos and make the money back, but since I can't do that, what are my options?

Posted on 10/13/17 2:56:03 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Own your past choices and count it as your entertainment expenses and give up on recouping anything.  However it seems the first thing you need to do is live up to your responsibilites as a husband and father to be, and stop spending what you can't afford on *nonessential things.  

You also need to seek help for your gambling addiction, although $550.00 over the period of a year does not seem like much of an addition, that equates to less than $50.00 a month. Good Luck!


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Posted on 10/13/17 4:13:08 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I'm with you on this one, iv spent far too much money on this game trying to compete with the top

with every update it becomes harder and harder without investing more

I'm at the point of moving to a low guild or quitting altogether, I don't really want to do either as I enjoy my guild but Its silly how much is wasted on a silly mobile game

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and this is exactly why the RNG rolling system is so wrong. Have said before it is literally gambling, yet they have under 18's playing, it's not right.

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on a side note I also play clash of clans and have spent probably 1/100th the amount of that in comparison. 

that is a p2p game that has been very successful without the need for the addictive gambling side, so it can be done differently

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In my opinion, you have to realise that paying gives you nothing and that you will get everything eventually. The beauty of this game is not having all the heroes and just keep improving with what you have. Besides, it'll be much more rewarding when you get a hero.

Also, you will enjoy the game regardless of your ranking so there is no reason why you should just pay trying to be number 1, which is why I think most people pay.

If that doesnt work just tell your wife to change the password and enable it when purchasing, that always works.

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I have spent over a thousand dollars in this game and I regret none of it. I mean, its equivalent to all the money you soend eating out or going to the movies. Instead of going to the movies, i rather spend it on this game. I practically play it daily, might as well. All you need to be is responsible. I mean, i have a total gem count of 440k, and I regret none of it! I start ftp in amazon for first 2years of playing, now I just buy whatever I want. Its all about responsiblity and knowing when to limit yourself. Nothings wrong with buying things in the game, you just have to not be reckless.

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Posted on 10/13/17 9:11:58 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Why can't you make Youtube videos?  You can download a screen capture application that can do most of the work for you.