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[Chat (Android)] october update confirmed! from tw server

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1. the mystery of the Indiana (left behind the secret of the new play) 
players need to be in the secret of the adventure challenge, challenge the difficulty will be increased step by step, the player to kill the enemy hero team will get points, kill the Goblin boss will receive additional chest reward. When the season is settled, players who will meet the points required for this season will be rewarded. 

2. Union sign function. 

3. Higher value reward reward. 

New heroes fashion. 

5. mysterious Raytheon treasure system please look forward to. The The

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Darn, I thought that was actual patch note with details.   

OP, have you not noticed that the thread from which you lifted the image is posted on 10/13, and today is 10/16?

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Defintely going to be a op Halloween hero

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