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So yesterday was like any other day, I was listening to some music as I was collecting the resources, and when I see the free roll come up I'm like "ok, probably not going to be anything special." But I click free roll, what I got amazed was heartbreaker. It took everything in me not to freak out right then and there. While it's no gunslinger...I hope it's just as good. Anyways is she a good enough hero to put on my main team? Or is she just meh?

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Well, what's your team? HB isn't a must have hero so can't tell you for sure.

In general, she is squishy but has some decent damage + her mini scatter is extremely useful. I have her with 5 revite in my LBF team amd I have avoided a lot of loses thanks to her. She also works well with Wargod for high damage or with scatter for utility.

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Her best asset is the *Energy* reduction, but in order to really benefit from her she needs to be maxed.  She won't be replacing GunSlinger but she can be an asset especially to your defense team.


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Her damage can be devastating (esp. with WG), but she is fragile. If you need a damage dealer on, say, your Aries LBF team she fits the bill. But heaven help her is the other team survives the Calamity.

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Compared to all the other heroes, she is kinda meh.

Doesn't mean she isn't good though.  She's still better than most of the heroes, but she doesn't hold a candle to Anubis and the other unstoppable big boys.

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I have her with 8/8 bw and she is awesome with revitalize set use her almost everywhere and i have all the heroes in the game including all the dragons and yet i find her still extremely powerful she has fast att rate and range of her proc is huge

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That she can't be stunned is pretty useful in dungeons and most everywhere.  That alone would make her worth developing.  Also, as a flyer, she is immune to hero bombs, which can be a big deal in dungeons too.  She can clear a path directly, like all flying heroes, instead of wasting her time running around walls and maybe getting killed in the process.  And that in turn keeps her proc going.  Which also helps prevent *other* nearby heroes from running around walls to kill a nearby target, since the target will vanish as HB attacks it, letting them reroute to more sensible targets.  It's a nice indirect bonus of flyers.

The squishy thing is true.  My best one has scatter, and she did do well in HBM 3, though., through AF so far.  It's really helpful to have a healer in her group, to tide her health over until she procs, when she can start healing herself.  Also, it helps a lot to devo her and max her skill, since both directly affect her health and, well, she's squishy!

Nobody replaces gunslinger at this point, though.

However, Heartbreaker can deal a lot of damage, and so is a worthwhile candidate for Lava 3 or 4.

If you want to develop her for damage, give her lots of crit traits and a damage augment like victory lunge or whatever.  If you want to develop her for debuffing, go for accuracy, as she can't debuff anything she can't hit and top players are filling their roster with dodge heroes.  Plus all the crit in the world doesn't matter if you're constantly missing.  

If you want a general purpose hero, a combination of dodge and accuracy will work nicely, but so will a random assortment of almost anything, from damage to hitpoints.  She's versatile.

Fit to suit.  For instance, I don't have a wargod or bulwark heartbreaker, I have scatter, so I didn't choose to emphasize damage traits.  I wanted a good debuffer, so she's scatter with accuracy traits and a couple of dodges.

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Well, Congrats !  As FL Said, She Heartbreaker is an energy Reducer, So you have to Max her out before you can see her true potential bloom. But she is kinda Volatile, as she  needs time for her proc to activate. but if you use her well, she can be dangerous. 

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