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[Chat (Android)] NEW: Heroes Talent Guide[UPDATED]

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This is an updated talent guide with extra tips and tricks created for the Castle Clash community. The idea was originally started by someone on the forum that wanted to create a fully updated guide.  We want, once you roll that level 5 talent to have the correct knowledge on which hero to place it on. If the community is positive about guides like this we can look into making similar ones for pets, artifacts and equipment/traits.

[Thanks to the android guild .The.Squad. for helping us to create this guide. Special thanks to KingJames3, Patryn, paex21,  Lethal and Ananthu]

Guide kept some aspects of the old guide that was deemed relevant. Rest is written December 2017.

For any questions/corrections/suggestions please contact me on IGG forum: Hellmo

We want to start by saying that “Revive” is a great talent to have on most heroes. Not really worth leveling up though. Low level Bulwark, Scatter, life drain and Stone Skin talents are also quite useful.

Revitalize 5: The ultimate Player Versus Player talent. Though it is not always mentioned, always keep in mind that a level 5 revitalize is a strong pvp talent for most heroes. Some draw more use from it and are therefore mentioned.


Comming soon(Any tips/experiences are welcome in the comment section


-Stone skin: A very good talent for this hero. Remember that SS is most preferred to level to 8/8. This talent cannot be silenced.

-War God: Another good talent for Sasquatch if you are looking to do more damage.
A combination of both damage and survivability.


This Hero is immune to Silence and conditions from Calamity
-Flame Guard: Used for guild war defense together with health traits, goblet artifact, bulwark crest and healing pet. Since she’s immune to silenced and effects from calamity, flame guard won’t be deactivated. Each time she is hit by an enemy a large amount of the damage will deflect back.
-Stone Skin: A viable defensive option to make sure she stays alive to keep buffing your heroes.
A great spot to place this talent. This will keep her damaging foes and buffing allied heroes for the entirety of any fight. Remember that she cannot be silenced.
-Bulwark: When using her to attack with bulwark will be a viable option because of her low health stats. Recommend using damage and critical traits in this combo.
-Revitalize: An offensive option. With a level 5 revitalize she will immediately buff her team's ATK speed and energy, as well as inflicting lots of damage to the enemy team.
-War God: Another offensive option.


It is worth mentioning that Creation-01 can be considered the anti-Ronin hero as he can kill him while invisible.  An overall good pvp hero with the following current talent suggestions:
-Stone Skin: Works well with his skill electroshock. Good option when using him for guild war defense.
-War God: The extra damage is a viable option with his skill.
-Bulwark: Adds survivability and damage
-Another viable talent that works well for this hero in pvp situations is level 5 revitalize.


A versatile hero. This hero is immune to silence.
-Stone skin: Strong talent for this hero
-Bulwark: Good hybrid talent
-Flame Guard: The effect from Flame Guard can’t be removed by calamity (Aries ability) or silenced, it adds 75% of the damage reduction that stone skin but with 45% of damage being deflected to the attacker.
-Another viable talent that works well for this hero in pvp situations is level 5 revitalize.

-Empower: A great talent for Walla, especially when used for guild war defence.


When you are picking talents for Skeletica you need to decide if you want a defensive or offensive build path.
-War God: Often used together with a bulwark crests. Combine with a strong tank frontline like Michael or Skull knight.
-Bulwark: Also an aggressive choice but viable
-Scatter: Also a viable choice
Traits for these builds are easy as any combo of attack, accuracy, critical rate or critical damage is good. The silencing shot enchantment is the way to go here. 

The more overpowered but costly configuration is the defensive build. If you choose to go this route, be aware that it will take a big chunk of resources. 
-Scorch: Keep in mind that you have to level scorch to level 8 for this talent to be effective. 
-Stone Skin: Should also be maxed out
All dodge traits and forest ward or other defensive talents should be prioritized. This combination with pets such as “finix” or “doom balloon” will enable you to solo the best guild war bases out there.



- Berserk: Max her attack speed without the need for Pumpkin Duke.
- Life Drain: Great talent due to her attack bump and damage cap.
If possible try and combine life drain and berserk. This can also be done by using artifacts.
- Corrode: Can be used on Mechtessa the same way as for Skull Knight.
- Revitalize: A level 5 revitalize is viable. Should not be your first option though.
-War God: High damage and able to wipe out droves of enemies
-Bulwark: Will provide both survivability and damage


A great hero, that is worth focusing on. As all heroes, talents are important.
-Stone Skin: Top pick for this guy. This together with his ability-heal and energy reduction immunity makes him very hard to kill. 
-Bulwark: Less survivability but makes up for it with that extra damage. 
-Corrode: Can be an overall viable option. His ability already "Has 50% chance to reduce [18~50] Energy from each enemy hero who is hit". Combinding this with corrode could make it very hard for everyone who attack him to get enough energy for their abilities to proc.


Gunslingers weak side is that her survivability is quite low. You therefore have to make a choice when picking a talent. The three suggestions I am about to write are all viable. Survivability is often preferred.
-War God: Gunslingers skill "Trick Shot" does more damage. Basically this means that she will kill enemy forces faster, together with her warflyer’s.
-Stone Skin: Your Gunslinger will survive a lot longer on the battlefield, but it will be easier for enemies to kill you with reflect damage
-Bulwark: Basically a combination of both. You survive a bit longer but still do a decent amount of damage.
-Tenacity: More hp and less tanky, but takes less damage from deflect damage


-War God: great damage dealer and makes a formidable opponent due to invisibility
-Scorch: This works well with dodge traits. Remember that almost no one can kill him while his ability is active. That’s why you want talents/traits that can keep him alive the small time it is not active. You should have an 8 scorch for this to work.
-Stone skin: Also helps him survive during his visible time
-Bulwark: Improves his damage and survivability 


- War god: Ads damage to a hero that can hit 100 targets at once. Great for HBM and dungeons
- Bulwark:  For those that doesn’t roll a war god. Gives improved survivability.
- Revitalize: Always a great talent for pvp modes. Anubis weakness opponents and becomes immune to calamity (Aries ability). A great talent modes like FF or LBF.
- A Stone Skin: build with high dodge is an alternative build that is extremely useful in guild wars and defending in fortress feud. This build, especially with a 5 revitalize crest, can tank multiple heroes. 
This build can tank bases with a strong Gunslinger, making it possible for you to ether snipe the remaining heroes or use Minotaur Chieftain to clean up the remaining buildings.
During events like fortress feud defending with a heavy tank Anubis will slow down all attacks against strategical chokepoints.
-Empower: A viable spot to place this talent, especially when used for guild war defence.Will help you to keep troops away, debuffing enemy heroes and buffing Anubis.
-Another talent that can situationally be a viable option is Corrode. 


The hero has great potential for huge amount of damage. Her survivability is low and therefor our talent suggestions will be similar as for Gunslinger. 
-War God: A viable talent but should not be the first option if you roll a level 5 WG.
-Bulwark: A viable option but should not be the first option if you roll a level 5 BW.
-Scatter: Good talent on her because of her high attackspeed and her built-in 20 energy reduction.
-Stone Skin: Will help her survive but will cripple her damage. An option if you are swimming in stone skin talents.
-Sharpen: For now this is the safest spot to place this talent.

-Another viable talent that works well for this hero in pvp situations is level 5 revitalize.


-Tenacity: Gives the highest HP hero even more health. This combined to dodge traits can make him quite hard to kill. 
-Corrode: Great for the same reasons as Skull Knight. Your enemies won’t be able to get enough energy to fight against you. This will make you survive a lot longer and make it easier to kill of opponents ganging up on you.
-Stone Skin:Great tank talent for this hero, top talent for survivability and is effective against the strongest teams.
-Revitalize: Starts battle with increase in attack for team and a shield. A good strategy for player versus player interactions but less great for defense where your opponent can wait for your ability to wear out

Lil’ Nick:

Hero is often used in defending bases. This is due to its auto proc. When choosing talents it’s important to have in mind that you ether want to kill of your attacker as fast as possible(war god) or have some survivability(Bulwark or Stone Skin) on nick so he can get his ability of as much as possible before the enemies comes crumbling down.
-Stone Skin: Will make your hero harder to snipe and kill. Due to his low survivability you want him to survive as long as possible or to wreak as much havoc as possible to the invading forces. 
-Bulwark: Add damage and improved HP
-War God: Add damage to a high damage hero. A level 8 war god Nick can be devastating and often kill some heroes in a single blow. 


-Bulwark: Good overall talent for survivability and damage
-Slow Down/Heavy Blow/Deadly Strike: Can be useful since Revenant is resistant to scatter. He is good against the eye catchers for the Archdemon (event) and can tank those. Also the extra hits helps for more damage against the Archdemon (event)
-Stone Skin: a good tank and thus allows for more survivability

Trixie Treat:

Trixie Treat comes with a built-in level 8 War God talent
-Revitalize: She is a high damage hero and adds additional damage (from pumpkins) from the start, she can one shot some heroes. 
-Bulwark: Adds even more attack to a hero with 8/8 war god by default and is the best end-game talent for DPS and survivability
-Slow Down: Can be a very good slow down hero. If you are focusing on beating modes like
lava4, bosses and Archdemon this talent can help you achive that.


-War God: If you want to hit like a truck WG is the right path for you combined with revitalize crests and critical traits. 
-Bulwark: A viable secondary choice that gives you a bit more survivability. 
-Scorch: A talent that is more and more used on some heroes. You always want to level it to 8/8 and combine it with dodge traits, and to make your opponents life even harder try adding a level 5 bulwark crest set. This option takes a lot of dedication and resources.  
-Revitalize: A good pvp talent


Your end goal for Medusa is getting that 5 revitalize. This might take some time depending on your luck. Don’t be afraid to test out lower rank talents on her if you use her in some of your setups. 
-Revitalize level 5: Allows her to cast her ability on first hit. This is great for boss 5 and PVP game modes. Extra tip her is equip her with “Silencing shot” that will increase her range and make her be the first to use her ability.
-Sprint: good for those arena setups to get the first proc


We are sorry to say that we don’t find much use for this hero. It was a good idea adding a hero that reduced healing effect but it has been hard finding that use for Dracax. We hope that one day some changes can be made so he can worth changing with one of the other heroes, at least for a few game modes.
-Enlighten: He is best to level and evolve so you can create XP books
- War God, Bulwark: can be a decent damage dealer and helps a lot against bosses and enemies to reduced health regain significantly


Hero comes with a built-in level 8 berserk. Removes enemies buffs when in demon form.
-Stone Skin: Will be very hard to kill with a high level Stone Skin talent. Been a feared talent for Grimfiend for a while now. Due to his HP recovery, stun immunity, buff removing and high attackspeed, all he was lacking was a bit more survivability, which he received through Stone Skin and Bulwark.
-Bulwark: Same as above
-Scatter: They can't kill you if they can't proc. Works well on this hero due to his high attack speed and when paired with Michael, he becomes a hero that can wipe out entire teams.
-Other viable talents: Life Drain, War God and Revitalize

Lady Leo:

Hero comes with a built-in level 8 bulwark. 
-Revitalize level 5: Instantly stuns
-War God: A level 8 war god will increase her overall damage bonus to 150%. 

Skull Knight:

-Scatter: Skull Knight's attack speed is downright phenomenal. Scatter is a talent mostly geared for heroes that have fast attack speed, as they can reduce energy faster. It shines in higher HBM especially, where scatter is necessary to complete difficult waves of incoming heroes. A downside is that in pvp especially, it is canceled by Aries' calamity. However, as long as you have a Valentina, you should be good to go. 
-Corrode: An amazing pvp talent. Unlike with scatter, Skull Knight can take on tesms of heroes at a time. In situations like lost battlefield and battle altars, it's an incredibly versatile energy-sucking bulldozer. Combine this with goblet of life and revit or scatter crests, and he'll be feared wherever he walks. However, not as great as scatter in other game modes like HBM - perhaps building two skull knights, one scatter and one corrode, is the answer. His best build for pvp and pve is with lifedrain crests and garuda helps for that silence.
-Life Drain: One of the most common talents for skull knight before artifacts. It is still viable. Especially at lower might life drain will help you out a lot clearing bases/hbm and dungeons as well as pvp modes.
-Deadly Strike: Another pvp talent. While this is even less useful in other game modes than corrode, it sure is satisfying seeing occasional huge crits in arena. It has the capability to straight up one-shot enemy heroes if you're lucky. 
-Revitalize: Having skull knight proc at the beginning of the battle is certainly a sight to behold; with his insane ATK and damage reduction, he is often the difference between a win and a loss. Again, this is only really decent in pvp, and you might want to build two skull knights if you want to make the most of using him in other game modes. Quite good against 5 revitalize Aries teams in fortress feud.

Beast Tamer:

-Heavy Blow: Beast Tamers grizzly (beast) has a built-in 8 heavy blow but this does not apply to BT, so adding an extra heavy blow will keep you opponents stunned for days.
- Deadly Strike and Slow Down: Can be useful when battling Archdemon.
-Bulwark: Don't be scared of adding a low level rank bulwark on Beast Tamer. Save the level 5 bulwarks for other heroes.


Hero is immune to Silence and conditions caused by Aries's skill Calamity.
-Revitalize: Just like cupid, a revitalize not only allows for an instant energy refill but also a chance to counter Aries. Valentina clears the calamity effect of Aries' proc (she's immune to the effect except for the damage), making her a must-have in higher-level pvp against 5 revitalize Aries teams. A 4/5 revitalize is acceptable but if you can, try aiming to get a level 5. This gives you more room to play around smart positions with Valentina to counter Aries.

-Flame Guard: Can be viable with a level 8 flame guard as a defensive option. This is because Flame Guard deflects up to 45% of the damage dealt to the hero. Can be devastating against enemy snipers.

-Scatter: When you feel that it would benefit you more to crest a revitalize set rather than use that as a main talent. Valentina can be a great ranged scatter hero to use in some situations.


-Revitalize: Arctica is an excellent de-buffer, and his skill going off right at the beginning of the battle is great for countering buffers and other revitalize heroes. He especially shines in lost battlefield. Use scatter crests. Useful if you are doing lava. It gives your heroes that extra time to activate their abilities. 
-Scatter: Putting a scatter on Arctica has the potential to make him an excellent HBM hero as well. Combined with his de-buffs and the in-built condemnation, his energy-reducing tactics might be a great strategy when utilized alongside a scatter Molt. 

Candy Kane:

-Revitalize: Candy Kane is only really useful in pvp modes, and doesn’t shine without 5 revitalize. Probably the most selective of all heroes, she just isn’t really useful anywhere else, and unless you manage to scrap a revitalize on her, she’s going to be benched.


Both Ghoulem and Dread Drake can use a strategy by killing bases especially during guild wars. If you pin your GH or DD against a hero they have where none of the heroes dies your will eventually kill their base just by using one hero. Using a high skill level “Doom balloon” will help a lot. So keep this is mind when we are suggesting the top talents to use. 
-Stone Skin: Keep GH alive though all the new heroes while using doom balloon (pet) to kill their base. Try it out. It’s quite fun. 
-Bulwark: Just like DD, Ghoulem is both an offensive AND defensive hero, bulwark is a perfect talent for him. The extra health is icing on top of the cake, considering how much base hp he already has, and the damage (more noticeable at higher levels of bw) is out-of-this-world.
-Revitalize: A purely pvp talent. Having him and his shield proc at the beginning of the battle can be very decisive. Paired with offensive heroes, this talent is mostly meant for lost battlefield and lost realm.

Dread Drake:

With DD you can also pin it against another hero to destroy their base during guild wars. We know guild wars can be hard for most people these days, but this strategy works on a lot of bases and will make your life a bit easier, and perhaps you will have fun doing your guild war runs. 
-Bulwark: One of the best hybrid talents out there. Especially for heroes like dread drake that function as both offensive and defensive, the extra damage and health is a good addition to his already large HP pool and decent damage. 
-War God: His procs become further devastating when combined with other snipers and buffs from PD and cupid. 
-Berserk: DD could use berserk level 3+ if waiting for one of the other talents mentioned above. With his attack speed he procs every 3.6 seconds when his cooldown is every 4 seconds. 
-Life Drain: Will help you to survive when pinning your DD up against other heroes as mentioned at the start. This is an overall good survivability talent for DD.
-Heaven's Wrath: Stun tank build. Combine with Auroria pet to keep everyone locked in place.

Harpy Queen:

Harpy Queen was earlier one of the best heroes to counter snipe teams that tried to contest your base. We would now rather recommend using her as a de-buffer with the following talents:
-Scatter: Makes HQ even an even better de-buffer. Can help you progress HBM stages.

-Bulwark: HQ is a de-buffer, through and through. But she's quite lacking in the hp and damage department. Thus wouldn't it be a good idea to put a hybrid talent on her?


-Revitalize: Treantaur is used in more game modes than most people realize; LBF, Lava-Isle, Mesa, Guild Wars and so on. 
During guild wars a 5 revitalize will instantly resurrect all your fallen heroes giving you a second chance. Having a different talent or a lower rank revitalize the chances for him to proc will diminish. 
Once he uses his ability he will also reduce friendly hero’s damage taken by 10-50%. 
-Revive: You should always try and have a revive talent or crest on Treantaur. If he dies and revives there is a high probability that he will use his ability reviving 2-5 allied heroes.


-War God: The best sniping talent for warlock. This is one of the most important heroes to place your 5/8 war god talent on. A proc from a high-leveled War God Warlock can one shot evolved heroes. This is getting harder and harder with new heroes but it is still very much viable.
- Revitalize: A good talent for warlock in pvp, mostly for the instant shield and the slowing down of enemies. It is no longer a top priority for warlock to have this talent, but if you are one of the few that have more 5 revitalize talents then heroes to place them on, put it on a spare warlock.  
- Bulwark: If you are struggling to roll a war god talent, bulwark can be used instead. You get more survivability but sacrifice a lot of extra damage. Bulwark on warlock should not be your first option.


-Revitalize: His stun and deflect at the beginning of the battle is deadly in modes like lost battlefield, where it comes most in handy. It also helps immensely in lost realm when taking back battle altars.
-Berserk: really improves his attack speed, which is very slow. The faster he hits, the faster his proc activates, and fast hits especially shine with his in-built life drain talent.
-Bulwark: Since destroyer comes with quite a bundle of health, why not add some more? The extra damage is just a bonus. Pair with berserk or revitalize crests to make the most out of it.
-War God:  Pure damage is especially noticeably devastating when he procs. At a high level, with each hit healing him and doing a ton of damage, his proc will wipe the floor. Use revitalize crests or berserk crests as well.


-War God:  Pixie is a de-buffer and a sniper. War God allows her to take this role to the fullest. Her proc is just as effective as any other decent sniper.
-Bulwark: Same as above. The extra health might let her tank out some arrow tower fire, if it need be. But there isn't really any noticeable difference, both damage talents are good.
-Berserk: Pixie has an incredibly slow ATK SPD, and even though she has a long cooldown, this is an exception. Berserk can therefore be useful for her but should not be your first option when rolling a level 5 berserk.

Santa Boom:

As you grow higher in might Santa Boom will be less useful, and having placed a level 5 war god or bulwark talent on him will feel grim. He is still a useful and fun hero, but be careful who you place your level 5 talents on.
-Bulwark:  Viable talent that gives Santa Boom the stats he needs.
-War God: Gives you more of the damage needed. Personally I would rather use cupid, Michael and other damage buffers if you feel the need for extra Santa damage.


Sadly Orksbane is mostly outshined by other healers. His healing is based on the raw (unbuffed) skill damage. If you lack healers or tanks he can be a good addition to you team, but view him as a tank. 
-Corrode: Front line talent for tanks. If you roll a level 5 corrode try saving it for SK or Michael. 
-Heaven's Wrath: Front line talent. Have a strong backline to take advantage of the stun. 
-Condemnation:  Not a very useful talent, but can be used in combination with other heroes with in-built slow down procs like HQ, WL, Santa and your enemies will look hilariously slow-mo. 

Death Knight:

Main strength is that he makes nearby allies immune to one de-buff.
-Corrode:  A talent that is well meant for tank heroes and to counter level 5 revitalize heroes. Good pvp talent.  If you roll a level 5 corrode try saving it for SK or Michael.
-Condemnation: Same as above; another passive talent, great for tanks.
-Heaven’s Wrath: Same as above two talents. 

Vlad Dracula:

If you are lucky and roll Vlad at a low might level, do some work on him and he will help you roll through the first HBM stages. 
-Bulwark: Your enemies will be gone so fast you’ll barely see them before they disappear in the dark depths of Vlad’s whirlwind of torment and despair.
-War God: Same as above. Both talents are equally amazing.
-Revive: When your vlad dies he will revive and instantly proc doing a lot of damage + getting full health (Based on the mobs around him) 


-Revitalize: Revitalize is certainly the most popular talent for this excellent skill-negating hero. Why? Because Aries is one of the most important PVP heroes in the game, and having him proc right off the bat definitely helps. Pair with sprint crests. If you roll a 5 revitalize always put it on Aries first.
-War God: It is possible to use WG for Aries. This is mostly used if you have to snipe during guild wars but lack the damage necessary to kill off heroes. To pull this off you need some other alternative to give your sniper enough energy, like a 5 revitalize high skilled cupid. 
-Sprint: Endgame, the ideal setup for Aries in pvp modes is 8 sprint and 5 revitalize crests. While few people will ever reach that level, a high-level sprint with the lightning rock artifact is incredibly fast; he runs like Usain Bolt on steroids. Pair with revitalize crests.


-Scatter: is without a doubt Moltanica's top all-around talent. This hero is a huge help in HBM III. Combined with her proc, reducing ATK, ATK SPD, and MOV SPD, many enemy heroes are rendered in stasis, with the rest of your team to finish them off.
-Revitalize - A top player who wants to compete in many different game modes might build two or more of the same hero with different talents. In this case, a revitalize molt can have its uses in LBF. A quick debuff right away can be deadly if timed right. However, she should be pretty low priority for a revitalize. There are many heroes that would benefit this more. 


-Revitalize: Cupid is one of the best buffers in the game. His proc not only gives heroes energy, but also boosts their damage. Cupid should be on your top 3 list of those you choose to give a level 5 revitalize talent to. 
-Scatter: This is a decent talent if you really don’t have anyone else to put it on, but still is great nonetheless. For higher hbms, a ranged scatter hero really can be helpful; if you don’t have druid, molt, sk, or arctica available, slap it on cupid.


I would like to start off by recommending you not to place your level 5 talents on this hero. That being said, he is still a fun hero to play around with. He is a hybrid hero where he got tank stats amongst with damage burst ability. At the early stages of the game, talents I would recommend would be the following
-Bulwark: Good hybrid talent
-War God: For the extra damage output on his skill proc
-Tenacity: Extra survivability as he can be used as an early might tank.


-War God: His primary uses are in guild wars, raiding and dungeons. If you roll a 5 war god I would always recommend placing it on Minotaur first. A high level war god will decimate dungeons and bases, especially with PD, Michael and Cupid buffs.
-Bulwark: A possibility, but you should always try and get a level 8 war god 

Pumpkin Duke:

A must have hero to get through dungeons, kill off heavy tanks and buff your heroes. 
-Berserk: PD is certainly the top buffer in the game, with no cooldown. Once PD starts speeding up, it’s not much that can stop him or his allied heroes. Combine his berserk with the artifact “Blitz Scroll”. Both revitalize and revive crests are viable based on his use. Be careful using too much speed during guild wars. Those AC totems or other reflects can easily wipe out your team.
-Revitalize: Also a top notch talent for PD. Many people use this for “mino bombing” bases. Revitalize is mostly geared towards PVP modes, where having his speed and attack buff at the beginning of the battle can be quite wonderful. Good for dungeons that you might have trouble stacking with at the start. Many people opt for making two separate PDs, one with berserk and one with revitalize.

Spirit Mage:

-Bulwark: SM is a great hero for dungeons if you have him, but his health is incredibly lacking. Bulwark will help him survive longer without compromising his damage output to much.
-War God: Even without the extra health, war god still is on par with bulwark. He will often die quickly no matter how much health you jam into him. 
-Berserk: As for all heroes without ability cooldown, berserk is a viable option. Most often your heroes are buffed by other heroes and therefor it becomes more important how often your ability proc. 


You should always be careful putting level 5 talents on this hero. He will become less and less useful as you grow in might.
I would recommend placing spare talents you have nowhere else to place. A couple of suggestions are
-Life Drain: If you need an early tank for dungeons or raiding life drain is always a safe bet to keep yourself alive a bit longer. 
-Revive: This talent works for most heroes that don’t already have it built in like Skull Knight. 
-Stone Skin: Talent that will help Paladin survive when his ability is down


Be careful putting big 5/8 talents on heroes like ninja. You will probably regret it later when you get better heroes. Ninja can be a fun hero at the start of your gameplay but he will grow old quite fast. At the start of the game he can help you take down buildings fairly fast with his ability.

-Self-Destruct: Might be the safest talent to add to ninja. This talent can be good and work well in the game mode “Squad Showdown”. 


-Revitalize: Arena talent, for reducing the crystal’s health by a ton in one proc. often used together with sprint.
-Sprint: Another good arena talent. Use together with the artifact “lightning rock” and she will be over at the enemy crystal in no time. This strategy in different variations is still being used by the best arena players from time to time.


-Berserk: Any heroes without cooldowns are pretty decent with berserk.  
-Heavy Blow: Stun on stun on stun. This is a fun talent for this Champion.


-Berserk:  Berserk is one of Druid's prime talents because it allows for faster hits, thus leading to faster heals. Being a no-cooldown hero, you certainly want to take advantage of that. Druid's attack buffs also stack, which makes faster attack speed especially invaluable.
-Scatter: Ranged heroes and heroes that have fast attack speed are the best scatter heroes. Druid fits the bill as a ranged hero. In HBM III, where scatter teams are required, such a druid is invaluable
-Slow Down: Slow down talent can be useful on druid for Archdemon. 

Thunder God:

This is also a hero that is not worth emptying your resources into. Don’t put early level 5 talents on him.

-Bulwark: At the start of the game, Thunder God is definitely a fun hero. His random stun to all nearby heroes or monsters is handy at the start of the game. That said, his ability is not up to speed with the newer heroes.
-War God: With or without that health from bulwark, both damage talents make him a helpful early dungeon hero.

Grizzly Reaper:

Grizzly Reaper is a sniper. A slow moving sniper but is useful even at top might sniper situations.

-Life Drain: Combined with his amazing attack speed and proc, life drain can be helpful if you use him to soak up tower damage.
-Bulwark: More damage and more health is always a win. Double-evolved, this baby will wipe the floor.
-War God: While Reaper might lack the health from bulwark, the damage definitely makes up for it.


-Revive: is extremely helpful because it gives the chance for AC to proc once in the event that he is killed by strong offensive heroes. Very strong against fast hitting heroes like Pumpkin Duke.  
-Revitalize: Being able to put up his shield at the beginning of the battle is very situational. One of AC biggest issues is that he is often killed by long ranged heroes before he gets his ability off. Always try and pair with revive crests.
Revitalize level 5 is a good way to counter Gunslinger bases as it will kill their GS. This strategy works well for Gunslingers with all talents except the ones with stone skin. Try it out.


-Bulwark: Think of Immo as a mini-vlad, with less health and damage, without the healing ability as well (though his proc does last 2 seconds longer). However, for those who don't have vlad, Immo is a suitable replacement. More health for survivability, more damage for a better proc.

-War God: Same as above. He needs damage, so that he doesn't just fill up opponents' energy in HBM. When he's targeted, he tends to go down quickly; Immortep needs to kill enemies very quickly.


Hero comes with a built-in level 5 Slow Down
Siren is a hero that is not often used as you grow in might and get better replacements. As for now she is most often used to fight archdemon.
-Heavy Blow: Used to assist with archdemon strategies.
-War God: Siren is a mini-santa. She's great in HBM and LBF as a replacement for him. Thus it makes sense for her to have the same talents optimized. Also viable when fighting archdemon.
-Deadly Strike: Viable option to maximize damage against archdemon

Phantom King:

Today PK is mostly used as a de-buff hero. He can output a huge amount of damage, but if often killed before this is useful. We still add some options you might want to try.
-Berserk: As all heroes with no ability cooldown, berserk is often a very good options as it allows the hero as must procs as possible. He also reduces enemy’s energy (like a scatter). Good to use for LBF and arena.
-Bulwark - As with SM, this hero's health is quite lacking. It's a good idea to cover both his health and boost his damage up a bit.
-War God: If you have a good PD, in a couple of stacks, PK will be firing away. The damage from war god combined with that is a deadly and nasty combo. Cover him with a tank-hero as much as you can. This is for special occasions.
-Scatter: Even though his skill practically comes with an in-built scatter, the more the merrier! His fast attack speed can make him quite deadly, and leveled up, he is a great HBM III hero.
-Scorch: PK has a high built-in core dodge attributes. Combine this with level 8 scorch, dodge traits, no skill cooldown, “fast energy recovery”, and you will have a deadly defender that few people will see coming.


This is one out of two elite heroes on this list. He can be very useful to clear troops from anti Minotaur bases. We recommend that you open Triton cards until you get one born with 5 revitalize. His ability hits a maximum of 100 troops. 

-Revitalize: Level 5 revitalize

Ice Demon

Ice Demons skill “Icefog” slows the movement speed of multiple enemies by up to 75%. This hero is used to slow down bosses that even your strongest heroes should keep its distance to. It is also used for lava 3. A good phrase that suits this hero is “Sometimes it’s best to keep your distance”.
When you are picking heroes to fill your tower garrisons pick at least one Ice Demon and a Triton (If you manage to get one with 5 revitalize).
When picking a talent just keep in mind that you want Ice Demon to do three things. Proc his ability fast, survive and slow down your enemies.
-Berserk: For quicker skill procs
-Revitalize: Useful to instantly slow enemy bosses (Recommended revitalize talent level 5)
-Revive: Make sure he stays alive


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Awsome guide, but I have 1 point, with gunslinger you prefer Wargod to boost the Flyers their damage, I don’t think this is the case, the flyers have their own base attack, and as far as I can tell not taking any statboosts from the Gunslinger, making WG not so desired since she has a single target proc.

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Quite good guide, i would put is in guide section, not chat. There are few things i would change, but overall it is pretty good. :)

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Wow. Thanks btw. 
Noted this Sir.

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Just a suggestion, change fg description on ww so that it will not confuse new players. Fg can be silenced by aries, but not on ww because he is immune to silence. Right now it just says fg xannot be removed by calamity or aries as if the talent itself is immune to silence.

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Where's scatter on hb? It's considered one of her top talent. Similar to mike, where's ss? Need to elaborate more on grim. Imo take out wg and bw on bt, it will be a waste on him since he's used mainly for dps and sd is the best for that. Fg on valentina for defense, so ss must be there too. Consider tenacity for ork for deflect demon. Sz has passive cd just like immortep and paladin. Zerk would be a bad choice on them. Definitely not scatter on sz, since his proc adds energy. Also you might want to add ice demon to the list. Lmao dracax XD

Very good effort!

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Hi. Thanks for all feedbacks. Keep them comming and I will check up on everything and make the necessary changes. I will make them as fast as possible :) 


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Really Nice post this is really awsome and helpfull for me

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Thanks for doing this work and getting (and compiling) everyone's contributions, Hellmo. I can see this becoming a great guide and a must-read once you've ironed out all the kinks.

Based on BrianG's feedback in a recent post on Athene, I would add Revitalize as a great talent for her. The reasoning is simple: she will immediately buff her team's ATK speed and energy, as well as blow stuff up. I also like WG on her.

I would also take AizatAli's suggestions. They are all good ones.

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Great Guide,

 it would be nice to add images of talents and maybe even heroes, it would be easier to read

  (upload from wikia)

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