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[Chat (Android)] Goblins Cave - New feature

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From the Taiwanese forum, the first look to the new feature related with the Builders/Goblins.

In short words, builders will be able to finish some task on a new building and those task will give us resources, from shards, red crystals, Honor Badges and Fame. And bonus resources will be might related.

Also, I think the tasks will be limited to 5 per day. We will be able to finish them using gems, from what we can see on the pics from the original post.

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Based on the pic it appear that the builders can complete a percentage of the amount shown on a daily basis the higher the might the larger the percentage, and if you want to speed them up you will have the option to use gems or I would think the hammers as well.

Of course this is just visual speculations.


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It is a good feature because many people got level 25 buildings and their builders dont work. However, many of us didnt got all the buildings to max level so if we going to do that we will have 3 or 4 builders to level up everything to 25. But it is a good idea. Lets see how much we can get,  because knowing IGG the fame we see there seems to be the one that only the high rank (ascent) can get. So if that is the maximun in the highest rank just count 5% less each rank.

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This is the google translation:
saints | 
2018-01-12 11:25:54

After this update, if you see an exclamation point on the head of your own goblin, you can start digging the gnomes. 

Goblin Caving missions are random, and the limited number of Goblin Caverns that each player can dig each day (currently set to a maximum of 5 per day). Players can at most 2 gobang cave excavation task. *5 Random Task Daily*

If the Goblin Cave's mission unmined, then the system will be 0:00 in the server, clear all did not start mining tasks, players need to wait for the task to refresh. Therefore, if you find that there is a quarrying task, please timely arrange goblin mining. 

Goblin Cave Goblin workers need to have idle in order to start digging the cave task, otherwise the system will prompt the player to complete the current work. After digging the task, you can spend the gems immediately end the task, to receive rewards. 

When the player clicks on the exclamation point of the goblin, you can see the details of the goblin mining task. 
Including the task of reward (one of them randomly): debris, honor, meritorious service, blue crystal, red crystal, prestige. *Gold, HB, ??, Blue Crystals, Red Crystals, Fame*

After starting the Goblin Mining task, players can see the icon of the digging cave on the base (click on the building information to check out the countdown of the digging mission and the rewards you can get when you finish building) After 

digging, players can use Gems to directly complete the cave construction tasks (currently do not support the use of props to accelerate mining *Hammers can not be used*). Excavation tasks once started, can not be canceled. (Note: The number of gems required to complete the acceleration is different from the cost of the gems needed to complete the existing construction acceleration!) Once the 

digging task is complete, players can receive rewards directly or spend gems twice as reward for resource production. After the reward is collected, the burrowing hole disappears. If the resources collected will exceed the player's resource limit, they will not be charged. 

The higher the title of a player, the higher the percentage of bonuses awarded to the task. (The player can check the knight in the title information for available bonus) 

In the battle, the gnome cave will not be destroyed, and the reward will not be looted. (That is, Goblin Caves can be considered as decorations in combat) *This implies that these resources can be stolen by raiding if not collected in a timely manner*


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So ... I had been worried that this feature would not activate unless we had upgraded buildings to a certain level ... and went back to leveling up my mines again.

But it sounds like I missed my guess, right?

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