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[Chat (Android)] 8/8FG walla (5/5Forest word) is best traits?

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Not sure.  I have 8/8 FG w 5/5 SB & he is pretty darn solid

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Flame Guard or Stone Skin, for defense.  FG first though since he's immune to calamity and silence.
He's also decent with Revite, BW, WG, but there are other heroes that should get those first.

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I'm not a big fan of forest ward since even at its best it only works 20% of the time, then has a long cool-down time.  

I really like Victory Lunge on Walla.  The extra attack plus extra reflect is perfect for a flameguard walla.

I also like malaise on healers, because it can further the advantage when you have a healer and he doesn't, or when you are healing more than he is. 

Walla is pretty flexible, though.  He can do okay with lots of different enchantments.  I put blinding blow on one of my wallas, just because I wanted to put him in on GW defense.

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Even though defensive talents are the rage, and potentially better, my ideal Walla talent would be empower.

Granted if I could get 5/5 Empower crests that might change things, but I currently don’t have the means to acquire those yet.

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