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[Chat (Android)] Discussion on New Destiny Hero's (which to level)

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Posted on 2/8/18 7:12:34 AM | Show thread starter's posts only


I'm just looking over the new Destiny heroes and I'm trying to figure out which to level.. (i can do one given the rather high amount of resources needed).

Which ones look like they are worth the resources?

1) mechtessa - adds attack and crit increase... (makes her even better at demon killing.. which re-enforces the fact that she only shines really maxed out).

2) Anubis - just increases attack and damage to enemy heroes.. but not a lot (but it is anubis)

3) Spirit Mage - adds additional targets and hp recovery.. (makes it even more valuable for dungeon sweeping)

4) Rockno - just adds healing and damage.. no new skill

Did I miss any notable ones?  Which should I level?  I'm guessing of the new ones.. Mechtessa is the best.. followed by Anubis.

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Posted on 2/8/18 7:55:45 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I say lvl the one u use the most no point of max all they out which will cost u a few $100 of fame to get 1 hero to max but as of who I pick I think I go with aunbis at 12/12 he do more % hp dmg up to 12% which will make him kill fast

Posted on 2/8/18 8:59:58 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Anubis looks a little like the case of SK here ... where it may not seem to matter all that much if you max him out, but you can count on everyone else maxing out theirs, and you don't want to go into battle as the weakest guy every time.  I dunno, but my instinct says Anubis.

Posted on 2/8/18 9:13:03 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Espirita's increase seems pretty good, too. Just not sure yet how much I'm going to use her.

Posted on 2/8/18 9:14:33 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

anubis hands down #1 to max first.

Mines already at 38 destiny. Just need to boost the useless heroes more to get last two levels. Really kind of hate getting 8/8 skills gives the most point. Don't wanna burn 12k fame on a useless hero just for destiny but you're practically forced to -_-

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Posted on 2/8/18 1:01:09 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

out of all hero's introduced, demo then anubis then espirita and then rockno, that's what I already did anyways. I stop at lol 24 though, biggest gains are always for 10 to 11 not 11 to 12 especially for the fame cost

Posted on 2/8/18 1:29:42 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

It seems like the choice of heroes to boost via destiny is based more on the overall utility of hero rather than any details of improvements they get.   A usable hero can get better improvement during skillups than a superstar, but are you going to sink all that fame into a mere usable hero?   

I don't see it.    Destiny is too expensive to waste on anyone except best of the best.   The feature is horribly overpriced and is meant for the biggest whales, but even they are not going to sink that much into heroes like SM or GR, no matter how good their new boosts are.

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