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[Chat (Android)] They nerfed Vlad Skill 12?

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Posted on 2/12/18 2:59:37 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hm, it's probably a glitch, a typo, but very strange for IGG to change the 2s fear for 10/10 skill back down to 1.5s.........

If IGG changes skills like that for older heroes, that's kind of lame..

Posted on 2/12/18 4:14:05 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I've been told on WeGamers that Death Knight skill also has changed.
But I'm not sure if it's from this update or when was changed. 

From the Wikia, skill at 10/10:
"Deals 600% AoE ATK to nearest foe. For 4s, nearby allies are immune to one debuff. CD: 5s. Has Lv 5 Revive."

From Hero Compendium, skill at 10/10:
"Deals 600% AoE ATK DMG to nearest foe and grants 7 nearby allies immunity to one condition for 4s. (Cooldown: 5s. This hero has Lv 5 Revive.)"

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Posted on 2/12/18 5:53:39 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

why would you make vlad skill 12? he pretty much useless these days.

Posted on 2/13/18 2:12:44 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I don't think any1 sane, except for the most heavy spenders (well that goes against sanity anyway so they are ruled out? :D) would level Vlad's destiny to 20 or even 40.

What's more important (and VERY SHADY) from IGG is changing even skill10. I am sure many p2p have Vlad skill10 and did it solely for the 2s stun (in comparison to 1.5s on skill9). I'd complain if I were them...

Overall changing stuff without announcing it in patch notes is not something the player base would welcome or game producer should do imho.

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Posted on 2/13/18 2:43:58 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

This sounds creepy as heck, but has anyone verified it?

Especially now that people are buying karmic rocks in the bazaar, this is bad stuff indeed and should be adequate grounds for refunds, on several grounds.