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[Chat (Android)] Rockno or Ronin

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I have resources to evo either Rockno or Ronin. I need suggestions to pick the one. Currently i got stuck in insane dungeon 5-6 and HBM AA. Which here on the above can help me to defeat HBM AA and insane dungeon 5-6. I am using PD,Walla,Micheal,Valentina,Gun slinger and Anubis. Should i replace any of the hero with Rockno or Ronin.

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Both heroes are situational heroes. You team is fine as Is. Ronin is good for guild war offense with scorch and Dodge traits while rockno is an amazing tank.

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It seems talent dependent.   In my experience, Ronin seems to do well with suboptimal talent, Rockno not so much.  But with optimal talent, I think it will be other way around.

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I tried Ronin in HBM and his performance there echoed what I saw using him elsewhere -- when a whole lot of heroes etc are firing on him, he goes down quickly, even devo 9/10 with 8/8 scorch and full of dodge traits.  He may dodge three bullets or recover from them, but five or six?  A dozen?  His luck can only hold out for so long.

So if you're doing HBM's now, Rockno is superior for them on that basis alone.  HBM is all about being attacked by huge gangs of stuff.

But also superior because he's basically like the other two area-effect gods of HBM, Vlad and Ghoulem.  That giant mass of bums that might have given Ronin trouble will be easy pickings for Rockno.

Rockno's also solid for base defense, if you don't put him on the outside where enemies can pull him out and stack on him.  So you won't regret developing him.

Posted on 2/13/18 3:35:04 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I can agree with DingfelderX on Rockno also.
When i devolved him with poor talent he helped me to pass from AA to AF with something like 30-40 tries. One hero changed so much. And i didn't had any scatter on my heroes. When he was buffed by PD and CP his attack was insane, killing enemies quite quickly i must say.

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