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[Chat (Android)] Returning player looking for advice

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Posted on 2/10/18 10:42:18 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

So I am a returning player that is looking at a hell of a lot of new stuff and need some guidance on how to get back into the swing of things.  What to focus on, the best place to spend my resources, etc.  What the best base design is now for HBM and base defense? 

I was a pretty active and knowledgeable player around the time that the first evolutions came up.  Pets weren't out.  If I remember correctly team here be monsters had just released? 

Anyway here's my main info:

Townhall Level 21, 5.6mil Gold max, 5.3mil Mana Max
Gems 11,123
Might 111,189
Honor  1,352,089
Shards  97,773
Merits  20,971
Fame  3,084
Blue Shards  1,539,960
Red Shards  29,268
Lost Realm rank 19
Labyrinth   Never touched
Expert Dungeon  Up to Dungeon 7
Heroes Trial up to L17
Here be Monsters Beaten up to wave s-4 (can sweep R)
Team here be monsters I have lv15 arrow towers, lv7 lightning towers, lv1 cannons, lv27 hero bases, lv20 walls

Never touched Guild wars or Fortress feud
Never touched Castle Crisis
Never touched Squad Showdown

Vlad  Evo 1 156 9/10 5/8 war god 99 inscription   Cloak 10/20
Aries  Evo 1 140 8/10 3/8 Revive 90 insc   Scepter 10/20
Cupid Evo 1 100 9/10 5/5 revit 88 insc   Bow 10/20
Druid   180 7/10 4/8 Berserk 88 insc
Thunder   180 7/10 4/8 Revive 88 insc
Duke    180 9/10 3/8 Berserk 90 insc
Reaper    180 7/10 4/8 War God 90 insc
Orksbane    180 7/10 3/8 berserk 88 insc
Dread Drake    177 8/10 3/8 Life Drain  92 insc
Immortep    171 7/10 5/8 Scorch 82 insc
Snowzilla   152 3/10 5/8 heavy blow  80 insc
Champion    146 3/10 3/8 berserk 80 insc
Ninja    143 3/10 4/8 Scatter 80 insc
Siren    140 4/10 3/8 Scatter 80 insc
Revenant    140 2/10 1/8 Stone Skin  42 insc
Succubus     137 3/10 5/8 Scorch 80 insc
Paladin    135 3/10 5/8 Tenacity 80 insc
Atlanticore    120 1/10 4/8 War God 60 insc
Treant    120 1/10 5/5 Condemnation 60 insc
Grimfiend    80 1/10 1/8 Deadly Strike 0 insc
Moltanica    60 1/10 1/8 Sprint 0 insc
Death Knight   2 level 1s
Pixie  level 1
Harpy Queen  Level 1
Lady Leo  Level 1   

Pets  (all have 0 pet skill points)
Purrsalot 3
Chickaboom 2
Mini Angi 1
Yulephant 1
Drako 4
Aurora 4
Finix 4
Aviar 4
Celestin 4
Bubblow 4
Doom Baloon 3

Oh BTW, sitting on a level 5/8 life drain that I  don't know who to put on and need to roll a talent quest, so any feedback on that quick would be AWESOME.

Posted on 2/10/18 10:59:33 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

First thing is to get to two critical points in game - ID 4-10 and HBM T.   That should provide you with fair deal of resources.   Next will be getting into Lava 3.  

There are some new heroes which are quite a bit stronger than what you had left at.   Hope you can roll some of them - they would take priority over the ones you have.   That said, some old heroes are still worthwhile.

Out of what you have: Vlad, Aries, Cupid, PD, Druid (till you roll ghoulem or wallawalla), DD, GF.  Shard heroes are not going to be of great deal of use, but PK, TG, GR could be relevant for a bit.   Tree might be useful, but not now.   

Consider buying some heroes.  I seen good deals on Ghoulem, SK and others which could help you.

LD is not a great talent, but I probably would give it to GR.  But if you buy or roll SK, that would be another good pick.   SK used to be corrode only, but corrode is becoming less useful these days, so LD SK is back to being useful, IMO.

If you decide to spend your gems, roll when there is a plant event on.   You get some decent bonuses from that, and it is one of the few worthwhile events.   Also, "Bazaar spend gems and win" is good time to spend.   You get 3 talent refresh cards for spending 2500 gems.  That is 900 gems worth.   17 hero rolls = 2550 gems, and you get 900 back, which means net 1650, or just a bit under 100 gems per roll.

Guild: Neldy on Android (we are recruiting)
Name: Rusty (Rustyx in game)
Might: ~300k
Guild title: resident wisenheimer.
Line ID: Rustytroll (big shock there, eh?)
Posted on 2/11/18 3:26:38 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Good advice from Fe, above.

A well-proven plan from a while back was going until you hit a brick wall, then going to the next important place where you can still work on your heroes and improve them to get more resources.  Where you can hang out for a while, while you get stronger if you need to.

First natural stumbling point was HBM S.  Because at that level, it becomes about how strong your buildings are, regardless of how strong your heroes are.  All heroes could live and you would lose because your buildings would die.  So ... beat HBM R and then build up your buildings while going somewhere else that matters which is appropriate to your strength....

... which is dungeons.  Their rewards are poor for a long time, but they will eventually become your most important resource generator.  Keep going till you beat ID 4-10.  Don't worry about 3-flaming anything besides the last dungeon in each level, as the ones in between those give barely any shard increase.

Once through ID 4-10 and all artifacts, you won't be strong enough to beat Insane 5 yet, as that is a lot harder.  But at that point you should be strong enough to beat HBM S, maybe T.  If not, keep working for a while on your HBM heroes.  

As part of that, keep developing your buildings.  Most important are your vaults and town hall.  Max them.  You'll need the town hall at or near maxed to reach important milestones that unlock new buildings for you anyway.  And you'll need big vaults to hold enough gold to evolve heroes.  Vaults also build faster than towers and have more hitpoints, plus you don't even need towers for HBM S or T anyway.  Seriously.  I used the war_machine base with towers outside, completely empty.

Once you beat ID 4-10 and get all artifacts, plus HBM S and T, you will have the resource base to let you pick and choose your paths more freely.  You can even play inefficiently a bit, developing random heroes, without setting your progress way way back.  Maybe you want to do ID 5, or maybe  work on guild wars heroes.  Up to you.  I would choose ID 5, because that's more important than GW.

Some of your heroes can be used in both dungeons and HBM, luckily.

Now, that's the old way.  The new way, you may be able to get away with being a lot weaker because today's heroes are so strong and they have all sorts of crazy boosts like augments, traits, pets, etc.  Maybe you won't need maxed interior base buildings to win HBM S and T, etc.  

But what I laid out is a logical and proven progression you can rely on.  Change it around as you see fit.  But I'd advise against burning through a ton of dungeon or HBM tries just randomly or before you're ready.  It would be very nice to be able to cash that stockpile in later, when you're sweeping some really high dungeons/HBM.

Posted on 2/11/18 3:32:56 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Well I accidentally hit start on hbm S with I don't even know which heroes in bases  and beat it. Lol.

And I just rolled anubis.

I guess I have to do some reading o. How to get to id4-10, beat hbm t and such.

Posted on 2/11/18 6:34:28 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Congrats on Anubis! He's a fantastic hero.  Put resources into him ASAP.  You can use him pretty much in all game modes.