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[Chat (Android)] Is sk still that good

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Posted on 2/13/18 11:22:14 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

If some enemy Hero debuff his Skill, then he could fall fast.

I've my main with Scatter/LifeDrain and he help me in GW. Now I'm trying to level up other wit Corrode.

Better try Devo, get some good Enchantment and better traits (HP, Dodge,...).

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Posted on 2/13/18 5:02:18 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

SK is still good.  He's just not the best hero in the game anymore.

SK still has a very protected spot in LBF, FF teams, and he's still one of the best tanks in the game.  SK is viable for a couple ID7 dungeons.

If you compare him to Anubis, he loses, but then so does just about every other hero in the game.

SK floats around the tier list with DD, and both of them have important roles in the game.

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Posted on 2/17/18 6:34:20 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

We just have too many debuffers in this game now.  Skeletica's an autoproc debuffer, with fast energy recovery - removing buffs every 2s.  That's why Mechtessa is hardly a hero anybody wants to spend $50 (or even $20 by this point) on, no matter how hard IGG is trying to make her look good in Squad Showdown.  Heck, even the recent hero release, Dove Keeper removes buffs as well.  Not to mention Sanctified Blast removing buffs as well.  Even though Burning Plate makes SK an absolute beast when there aren't debuffers around, just one buff removal also removes SK's DMG multiplier, making Burning Plate no longer quite so powerful.

Only transformed heroes like GF and Anubis seem to keep their buffs, as they cannot be de-transformed.  And Atlanticore's shield cannot be removed.  What about other heroes whose buffs cannot be removed??  Skeletica?  I don't have him, and am not exactly 100% sure about that.. it's hard to see in all of the mess with pets blocking the view of nearly everything lol..  I know that Demogorgon's shield can be removed because I've always killed him so easily with my Grimfiend in the past.

Posted on 2/17/18 8:31:45 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Skull is still one of the best tanks In my opinion. But yes with new hero's he has lost his spacemail.  But still not become obselete

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