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I have some confusion about the crit ,
Can somebody explain it?
Can any hero without crit chance does critical dmg?

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I Just write "crit castle clash" on google and i found this: 

CRIT (Critical)
CRIT is short for Critical / Critical Hit and relates to:
CRIT DMG (Critical Damage): increasing DMG done from CRIT hits.
CRIT [Hit] (Critical Hit) : increasing the CRIT rate.
CRIT Resist (Critical Resist): resisting a CRIT / reducing an attackers CRIT Hit rate when being attacked by a hero with CRIT.
Note: The hero's Base CRIT attribute value (CRIT DMG) is currently not shown in the current version (1.2.78) but is suspected to be around 1.5x (150%) and to vary between hero types and evolution generations.

In summary, CRIT is represented by the combination of these two factors:

Chance / Rate        =    CRIT (Hit) - CRIT Resist
DMG        =    Heroes ATK * CRIT DMG
For further details please see the following attribute descriptions.

Critical Damage (CRIT DMG)
Increases the amount of damage dealt in a critical hit. Heroes with higher CRIT DMG deal higher damage when they do a critical hit.

After the release of Heartbreaker we know the value of crit dmg, and what it is converted to, as described in her skill description "Critical hits from skill and basic atks deal 2.5x dmg" (which is a total of 250% dmg from crits) and since her attributes indicates that she got 10000 crit dmg we come to the conclusion that each 1k crit dmg(the lvl 5 crit dmg trait for example) is equal to 25% extra crit dmg (0,25x).

Critical Hit (CRIT)
Also referred to as CRIT, CRIT Rate, CRIT Hit and CRIT Hit Rate, increases the chance (rate) of dealing a critical hit and is enhanced by the artifact Artifact Axe of Strife Axe of Strife. Heroes with higher CRIT have a higher chance to deal critical hits.

Critical Rate (see Critical Hit)
Critical Hit (Rate) is the same as Critical Hit (CRIT). See Critical Hit (CRIT) for Critical Rate details.

Every 10 points of crit is equal to 1% critical chance, meaning HeartBreaker starts with an initial 25% critical chance for example. It is possible to obtain 54% crit chance having 6 times the demogorgon card at 5 stars in the traits segment .

Critical Resist (CRIT Resist)
Reduces the chance of taking a critical hit. Heroes with higher CRIT Resist have a lower chance of taking critical hits.

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CRIT = CRIT Rate = CRIT Chance 
10 points = 1 % chance to deal more damage

Example: HBK has 250 points that equals 25 % chance of doing more damage.
Hero with zero CRIT (Rate, Chance) cannot do Crit (unless is buffed, or is equipped with Axe).

every 100 points of CRIT DMG = +1 % more DMG when the attack is "CRIT"
Here's the math: Every hero normally deals 150 % of basic dmg when the attack is "CRIT", so a hero with 1.000 points of CRIT DMG deals 160 % (150 + 10 %) of basic attack.

Example: HBK has 10.000 points, so her CRIT DMG is 250 % (150 % as basic plus 100 % from that points)

CRIT Resist
10 points = 1 %
This lowers the chance of dealing CRIT.

Example: Rockno has 650 points = 65 % of CRIT Resist. For example when Ronin attacks Rockno under elusive - with 90 % of CRIT chance - he has only (90 - 65 %) 25 % chance of dealing CRIT. It lowers the chance for Rockno only, not for other heroes.

Is this explanation ok?

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Here's my take:

Traits: Why CRIT & CRIT DMG is best for HIGH DMG Heroes !
Finally with proof! (happy)


Crit / 10 = %
Example: 100 / 10 = 10% Crit Chance (Rate)

Hero Example: myAnubeast has 180 CRIT which is 18% chance (rate) of dealing CRIT DMG

Hero Example 2: myCreation has 226 CRIT which is a 22.6% chance of dealing CRIT DMG.


50% (Base) + (Crit Dmg / 10) = %
Example: 50% + (1000 / 10) = 50% + 100% = 150% Crit Damage

Hero Example: myAnubeast AND myCreation both have CRIT DMG of 2000 which deals 250% CRIT DMG per CRIT Hit..that is 2.5 times Normal DMG on CRIT.


Crit Res / 10 = %
Example: 100 / 10 = 10% Crit Res


Crit% - Crit Res% = Crit chance
If value is 0 or below, no chance of critting. Example, 300 Crit res = 30% Crit resistance.
AD's crit rate = 30%
30 - 30 = 0%