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[Chat (Android)] Storm Eater advices

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Where is this guy shining? Best setup?

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I use him in lbf and ff lots. main talent ss with 5 vite.  Could use a Dmg based main talent but he kills himself quickly from deflect. 5 vite as a Crest is a must if you can though for the mass stun and dmg reduction

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I'm trying 8ss and 5 iron will... see how that works.

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Really strong in LBF and FF.  Not bad in a totem.

My main problem with Storm Eater is his built in mitigation isn't particularly strong.  Like Sasquatch, unless he's got a strong defensive talent, he can easily kill himself on all the Flame Guard out there.

My SE has 5/5 revite talent and he has a tendency of being the first to die in every encounter.  He's still got a place on LBF, but I don't use him in my main FF team or my LR team due to his vulnerability to powerful Skeletica teams.

8/8 SS with 5/5 revite crests would be my ideal SE.  Just want to keep him alive so he can keep throwing down pillars.

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I'm liking my bulwark one quite a bit.  He benefits enormously from getting his destiny up so he can get the extra hitpoints and dodge, though.  Combined with a bulwark of at least 7/8, he'll start to survive more easily.  I'm sure talents that emphasize defense even more will work on him too.

He is amazing in arena, also great in LBF and FF and great fun in raids.  In raids, I find him a good substitute for sasquatch when you need things killed faster, but area-effect heroes like him are even better when combined with other area-effect heroes.  He and sasquatch together work really well, and throwing rockno into the mix is fun too.  He's also helped along a lot by revite crests and/or a revite Mike.  Like Rockno, he just needs to get to that first proc at all costs.

I like Burning Plate on him.  He can use the hitpoints and it meshes well with the area damage he's already doing.

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if ur realy going for best out od best then 8/8 iron will with 5 vite set 3hp 3 accuracy paired with walla...or if.  u have alot of fg8/8 heroes the fg on him as well

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hes is amazing on labyrinth and lost realm other than that, meh

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Storm eater is deadly with 8/8 Flame gaurd ... Solo legend, stun, deflect, huge damage and damage reduction. A winner if you ask me, then you can choose a revite crest.