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Posted on 7/12/18 2:52:40 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

So ive had this game since...well ive played this game since 2013 and i had my pd since 2013 and ive never rolled a 5/8zerk EVER! So im thinking of just putting 5/5 revite i have sitting around on him

Posted on 7/12/18 3:27:57 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Well the thing is if you have berserk then you don’t need revite because u will get the prox faster maby like a revite crest set or insignia tyen you have his/her prox witch increases atk speed so pd would be pretty fast but if you use him in arena like me I would put most definitely a iron will talent and sprint crest/insignia to help him prox faster without things that stun and stuff Like that keep him from going anywhere that’s what I had to do and now he/she is just better in arena

Posted on 7/12/18 3:40:31 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Revite 5 and zerk 5 were always top talents for PD. Revite for instant buff needed in PvP, Dungeons, and Team Dungeon modes, while Zerk PD was always better in defense modes like HBM, Hero Trials, Team HBM. Just currently Zerk is not that good, since we have talents like Empower or Regenerate. They replaced Zerk (much faster energy gain) so if you find Zerk give it to Mechtessa, cause you will replace it from PD when you will find Empower 5 or Regenerate 5. When PD is maxed zerk is really not needed any more.
Of course you can combine them and use empower/Regenerate with Revite 5 crest, but question is do you haveRevite 5 crest. If not than you need it as talent.

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