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[Chat (Android)] Warden's Feedback

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Posted on 8/19/18 6:35:38 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Generally we try to wait until a majority of the platforms have received the updates before we post "Feedback" threads.  However the new Warden system seems to be generating a lot of questions and concerns.

In an effort for us to share our thoughts and views on this new feature I invite you all to post them here.

Here are a few questions to consider;
*What is your first impression of the new Warden feature?
*What do you think are the pros of this change?
*What do you think are the cons?
*What is your favorite faction
*What adjustments would you like to see in the future?


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Posted on 8/19/18 6:57:25 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

OK, this is just a summary of my opinions.  I can elaborate on any of them, but I wanted to keep this fairly brief.   My comments are about wardens as such, not comparison to Artifacts.

*What is your first impression of the new Warden feature?

It is poorly designed and implemented, with many obvious flaws.   Being sold as a replacement for a generally well regarded Artifact system didn't help either.   

*What do you think are the pros of this change?

This is the part where I have to struggle to come up with something nice.

Ummm...  It is possible that maxed out wardens would provide enough power boost to be useful and overcome the current drawbacks.

*What do you think are the cons?

The main ones are lack of clarity of how this work, lack of flexibility in team selection, Rock-paper-scissors being generally useless, too expensive in terms of merits

*What adjustments would you like to see in the future?

1) Remove "over 50%" requirement to activate warden.

2) Add merits as daily Forgotten Trial reward.  Really, what happened to mention that you can farm replacement resources in that mode?   You don't get merits, which is a very limiting factor.

3) Consider activating more than one warden.   As in a team of 3 reds, 2 yellow and 1 green will get all 3 wardens.  Obviously, red warden will trigger in fight more often, because he has more heroes charging him.

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Posted on 8/19/18 8:27:05 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

*What is your first impression of the new Warden feature?
As it is now the worst thing that happened to the game

*What do you think are the pros of this change?
Cool visuals
It can be intresting in some game mods specially designed to use this feature

*What do you think are the cons?
Totally unusable with current game content (s>p>r part)
Makes a lot of usual activities (such as Lava) a lot harder
Actually increases by lot the amount of micromanaging for your heroes (for example now you need to change your heroes/pets before EACH attack in GW)
Limits player with the buffs he wants to give to a selected hero.
Limits player with the heroes he wants to play with.
Trashes a lot of existing hero builds (like BF talent and Axe of Strife).
Wardens need time to proc, give temporary buffs instead of permanent effects of Artifacts, apply to uncertain area, leave heroes of other factions without buffs at all, dont allow to combine different effects like heroes with different Artifacts etc.
Requires a massive amount of resources to upgrade.

*What is your favorite faction

*What adjustments would you like to see in the future?
You dont really have "the future" the changes need to be made ASAP or the game will lose a massive amount of players in pretty short time (yes its that bad).
What can be done:
1. Return the Artifacts the way they were.
2. Allow use of Wardens only in specially designed for them game modes like Forgotten Trail (it can be cool if you also add a special PVP mode requiring Wardens in the future or similar game content).
3. Dont do things like this again without thorough research and polling.

Posted on 8/19/18 9:32:39 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

What is your first impression of the new Warden feature?
Cool part of the game just didn't seem to make "artifacts obsolete/removed"
*What do you think are the pros of this change?
It balances the game better allowing some old heroes to be useful against new stronger heroes, I don't think other players see the big picture of the new Balance in the game. Makes the game fair with the new rock paper scissors system. Me myself am able to defeat double Evo teams in lost battlefield with no Evo heroes due to this change which opens up more of a strategic build up when u face an opponent. So that been said, I really think is a good addition to the game play.
*What do you think are the cons?
With an addition of a new game play/ set up we should also get an update that allows for easier resources to allow this game play to be more playable. And an easier understanding of the set up.
*What is your favorite faction
Atm I don't have a favorite as I like them all. But like I said before, depending on the strategy at the infancy of this game play it allows for more variable thinking before leveling up a Warden.
*What adjustments would you like to see in the future?
Easier met requirements, easier way to understand the game play and more ways to earn the needed resources.

Posted on 8/19/18 9:36:19 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I simply want they to redo everything except heart breaker model rework.

When you roll 50K gem for a paladin.
Posted on 8/20/18 4:10:15 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I understood it to be a major change but I am bit confused with the warden feature. I liked the brawler warden very much. The pros include getting a good reward daily. The cons include it is confusing and can't be easily understood. Dungeons are much more clear even from the very first sight itself. But forgotten trail is tough. I adjusted my team so that  more than half of my hero deployed are belonging to oracle team but it was easily defeated. I changed my team to normal and it was easy victory. Actually I didn't understand when the warden provides the benefit to my deployed heros

Posted on 8/20/18 6:35:25 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

*What is your first impression of the new Warden feature?
-It is interesting but after getting into it I got the feeling that it is a horrible replacement for artifact system and a shameless cash grab.

*What do you think are the pros of this change?
-Forgotten Trial could be interesting but now it feels to me that it only shows you how OP Lavanica actually is when you go against it.

-Loss of might accurately slaps your face with "you have been nerfed, get to lower level"

*What do you think are the cons?

-Everyone is nerfed now and it doesn't feel that we will get to the same level as where we were with the artifacts any time soon. Nerfing players (especially this hard) is very bad practice in any game especially if people might have paid to get to that level.

-It smells like a shameless cash grab. "Oh you ran out of merits leveling the first warden, no worries you can pay 99$ for a lot of merit packs!". Its a bit outrageous to expect people to pay their way to the level they were before.

-The RPS gameplay is designed for Forgotten Trial, not to other gamemodes, yet it applies to other modes I guess? It doesn't seem clear that which gamemodes use this RPS thing, dungeons, heroes trial or team dungeons don't show any signs of the factions. I can't see the factions of opposing team in labyrinth or arena. Forgotten Trial and for example raids and LBF shows the faction on every hero of opposing team. So where does it apply? Do I have to remember in some game modes that e.g., Succubus is a saint? (which totally makes sense btw).

-Colors on the hero frames in the hero altar makes it look like a mess.

-Requirement for warden to pop up is +50% and not the dominant amount. Imo 3-2-1 comps should definitely have the wardens up.

-The system is not as clear as artifacts.

*What is your favorite faction

*What adjustments would you like to see in the future?
-Buff the wardens so that they come to pair with artifacts at like lvl10. It will mean that all heroes will be stronger because artifacts were used only for a handful but it was their choice to make the buffs to all heroes.

-Make a list of gamemodes that use RPS style of gameplay

-Add a clear indicator to the game modes that use RPS of what the dominant warden is for the opponent. I don't want to go looking on the tiny color crystals on the heroes to decide what to use against them.

-Wardens should activate when that color is most used and not <50% (e.g., 3-2-1)

-In hero altar: Replace the lock symbol (why is the lock there anyway?) with the faction color symbol and remove the color from the frames. Also why is there no faction symbol on the heroes if you click on a hero from the altar?

Posted on 8/20/18 8:09:51 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

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Posted on 8/20/18 11:52:55 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I hate wardens and we got ripped off with the meager amount of merits returned, it cost 50 times that just to have some weak moron warden who only helps certain heroes, ITS DUMBER THAN ARID RUINS! plus im now abandoning my other accounts because the change accounts interface is so lame and too small to even read witch accounts to pick. 100% lame update, was going to make purchases too but not paying igg to be lame ripoffs!

Posted on 8/20/18 12:36:58 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

*What is your first impression of the new Warden feature?
Overall, a decent addition to the game and quite different from any other existing feature.

*What do you think are the pros of this change?
> Replaced another feature (as an upgrade) instead of keeping so many features that they become too many to handle. 
> Every hero now can take advantage of some stat boost from a warden and not limited by number of slots available. 
> New system does not favor frequent customizations by player.  
> Wardens feature seems to have better chances for future expansion/enhancements in game, unlike artifacts which were basically done.
> Merits become more desirable commodity. Who knows, maybe mana could be next? lol

*What do you think are the cons?
> Negative might adjustment. 
> Loss of artifacts. RIP

*What is your favorite faction?
> Saint

*What adjustments would you like to see in the future?
> Decide if its trail or trial.
> Decide if its oracle or prophet.
> Given some chance of a daily fame reward by warden system, since this is tied to Narcia.