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[Chat (Android)] Ma Hatma

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Posted on 9/16/18 3:00:43 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Ma Hatma has been out for almost a month now, and as always I have loads of questions and would greatly appreciate everyone's input.

* Where does she fall in the hero rankings?
  Must have.
* Where is she best utilized?
* What are the optimal builds for her?


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Posted on 9/16/18 3:18:39 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Overall she is very handful as hero which can burn enemy energy and debuff opponents, but there is one catch. It only works in straight line, but we all know that. Imo she is very useful but mostly in PvP modes, excluding raids. Her movement speed is slow, and until dropped directly inside battle, she will be last hero who is attacking opponents. This makes ZD and Silencing shot good on her, as her range increase allowing her to hit enemies from bigger distance. But if she is dropped in middle of fight she can mess really hard burning energy left and right. LBF, Arena, Maybe FF are modes where she is good, but she need damage bonus imo, so damage talents can be good on her. If PD or Michael are present in team, she don't need Zerk crest to proc faster. Like i wrote earlier in Arena she allowed me to win against Skeletica team, burning opponent energy left and right, allowing my heroes to heal and KO opponents.

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Posted on 9/16/18 5:17:42 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Grimfiend and Phantom king for the new age...zerk  and ZD will be the most common builds,end game it’s SL.
Really fun hero to use,I like ZD 8/8 and switching up zerk and feint insignia’s.

Posted on 9/16/18 7:03:51 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Ma Hatma is a very useful hero. She is not a necessary hero for any game mode. Be aware, she is only useful if you use Life Drain with a defensive insignia (I use 7/7 Stone Skin). She can be used in Arena to block a lane if paired with Ghoulem. She can be used in other game modes aswell, such as Lost Battlefield of course, but most of the time there are better heroes to use.

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Posted on 9/16/18 8:08:37 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

For newer accounts, she is a TOP hero, very quickly do lots of dungeons and HBM with her.

Team her up with the classic Dungeon buffer team, and she will help a lot if your stuck on anything.

For end game accounts..  I'll let you know when I'm an endgamer, and have her on main :D

My experience is a little skewed since I got her on hero collector day and got loads of rss, I've never had progress like this before, but then again I never had a skill 10 hero on a 9k account lol

I did end up getting her in a mid game account and she quickly got me to 3 flame 4-10, but again hero collector day, and she started with ZD8 and skill 7.  Waiting to evo her and see if I can go 7-10

She has been great raiding, easily cleaning lots of bases out.

PK seems to be her Nemesis.  Probably HBK also... Scatter is her kryptonite.

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Posted on 9/16/18 10:04:24 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

She seems to be useful most everywhere may have to drop a hero you've grown fond of and swap her in for PVP, but that's not anything unusual for this game, happens all the time. But fitting her into your lineup depends upon your current place in the CC world, if you have every hero or just a small smattering of decent ones. So take the opinions of those who say she's not all that special with a grain of salt, more than likely they have every hero and have their synergy in place- nothing new there as well. New heroes basically have to be Lavanica-esque to impress the....well, CC snobs lol.

For high end upper class players that can spend $20-100 for new/newer talents- zealous drive and sacred light (at the moment until a new talent comes along) seem to be favored. But for players that don't buy one can get away with zerk, Stone skin, scatter, bulwark. No, a few of those not optimal but take what you can get, ZD and SL don't show up like the others I mentioned, opened about 50 level 5 talent chests came across two unholy pact and one sacred light, about five SS around the same for scatter, bulwark, zerk.

Fun hero nice change of pace game changer for a brand new account.