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[Chat (Android)] Warden's Revision Feedback

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Posted on 9/23/18 9:34:02 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

What i dislike about the wardens is the fact that if you are ready have a team of hero's that is not able to get a warden boost, you have to go through and level up brand new heros which is a complete waste of time.

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Posted on 9/24/18 4:24:52 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Think what I would have liked more would be to have in the option of changing artifacts be in the same place as we can change pets a quick set up which would have been better than to remove them completely. Also in using the wardens they should have let us pick which heroes to place in which warden. However that would be the same as what was the issue with artifacts in the speed of being able to do so. I’m not to fond of the way we have to use specific heroes for the warden to activate and not to fond of the Rock Paper Scissors either. And yes a lot of old time players quit the game because of this. IGG did not listen to the feedback saying to bring the artifacts back at all just trying to maybe make folks happy but the cost of upgrading these is ridiculous and if you are not willing to spend lots of money to do so it is gonna be years to max them.

Posted on 9/24/18 9:55:00 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Cant give much real feedback on update since I am not playing anymore but continue to watch for the game since I am hoping that probably IGG will come to its senses and repair the damage that was done to the game with the introduction of the Wardens. To fully understand the scale of that mistake one should see the results of the poll posted by jtisallbusiness who is undoubtedly most popular CC blogger with more 100k subscribers. In that poll there participated more than 3600 players and in favor of bringing back Artifacts voted 87% of participants. It would be really stupid from IGG to ignore such clearly stated opinion of their player base but if they for whatever reason will be stubborn enough to do so and continue rely just on damage control of their failure I would suggest them to do these changes.
1. Remove or at least substantially nerf the Subdue system which is really making this game much worse. Another option is to add "Subdue resistance" attribute which will also increase with leveling of the Wardens.
2. Make game battles less chaotic and overshadowed by animation. For that make Wardens buff to affect all heroes in the team not just 3 or 4 of them (it will be better if the Warden will buff even the heroes of other Factions but it is most certainly must give buff to all heroes of his own Faction even if there are 10 of them in the team). Second the animation of Wardens proc should be reduced in size to not cloud a battlefield.
However bringing back the Artifacts, adding more levels to them and more slots to put heroes and removing the Faction system completely would be much smarter decision as I stated before.

Posted on 9/24/18 4:14:48 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

*Do you fully understand the system and how it works?
I mean it is not that hard. The help may not be the best, but you can grasp it easily. Each hero belongs to a faction. Every faction has a warden. Each warden raises stats of all heroes in that faction and grants a huge buff vs the opposing faction. Also if you fullfill the condititions he is basically in your team.

*Do you have questions you feel IGG should address?
Basically it is a little late for questions. IGG fails now for years to establish an interaction with the community. I know it can be tedious as a lot of *things* comes up, like hero trading *g*. But overall we should have quite a mature player base with deep insight into the game and lots of good suggestions.
I would have expected a real test server with feedback after all these years...

*What do you think of the system overall?
I guess most was already said. The removal of artifacts was unnecessary and did harm a huge player base. A player like mine with everything maxxed is not really effected. I dont see any changes in most single player game modes.
But logging into a weaker account, shows a hard power down. With goblet and emblem gone, the heroes are much weaker. I can still Ronin bomb every base, but the number of players with all 5 dodge traits, destiny 40, skin level 10, burning plate 5, level 7 life drain insignias is probably quite small.

The splitting of heroes in groups and levelling their stats with a new system. Probably noone complains.

The rock, paper, scissor system, probably none likes. It is above the scope of a mobile game to have individial stats against different opposing heroes. You can plan your teams only outside of the game. Such deep mechanics are fine for a full fledged pc game. But a game I play while sitting in a bus? Also it adds too much RNG, even less skill to the game.

The warden skill itself is overall ok. The revite change made it even more suckier for the weaker players. Now your heal comes when you are full and your opponent gets buffed once you are in reach of his heroes....

It should at least work like magic. Once the energy of your warden is full, you can decide when to activate it.

*What adjustments (if any) would you like to see in future update?
It is really hard to answer. If you ask me about many things in CC, I have a long list of ideas how to fix/improve these, now for years.
I like changes and figuring out new things, not doing the same over and over again. FT was the greatest thing in ages. I had not so much fun for almost 2 years. A challenging and interesting thing finally. But IGG does not even allow to replay dungeons you completed (besides the last one).

But this system forces teams upon us, which is bad. It was about finding your best team for mode X. But now IGG decides the fraction of your hero, automatically saying, you must or cannot use this one and also, he is weak/strong against hero Y.

And please, dont come up with lame excuses like players complained about limited artifact slots. Someone made this decision. It was a new idea. It should have been tested. *Things* happens, it was not received very well. But dont troll your players.

If you really would have heard the complains, it was not about the slots. (This could have been fixed very easily, just add more).
It was about the need to change over and over again. Basically for every game mode, you need different heroes, with different artifacts, but also crests/insignias, pets etc.
So the real solution would have been to make every setup like they did in arena defense. Save not just the heroes, but the complete configuration. If you play this game serious, you change these things every day back and forth for every game mode.
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Posted on 9/25/18 4:50:08 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

If most players complaints where that there was not enough positions in each artifact, what do most players think would have been the best solution? Did igg check what most players issue was? And if so, what most players actually wanted?
Did most players say there was not enough places in each artifact? And therefore wanted the artifact system thrown away?
And a whole new crapshoot system introduced? One completletey out of the box suggestion, and please, everyone shoot me down of they dont agree....
Suggestion 1, add more artifact positions.....
Well actually, thats it. Im out of ideas.

Posted on 9/25/18 5:06:04 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Also, why mention the quick setup option as a tease? Players have asked for this for over a year, instead we are left with crests and pets. Probably the most tedious of all. A quick setup option would be awsome if someone could please forward that idea on to igg. If anyone knows how to contact igg, is there a way?

Posted on 9/26/18 5:28:38 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Warning has been issued  Warning

Posted on 9/26/18 9:29:29 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

*Do you fully understand the system and how it works?

*Do you have questions you feel IGG should address?
No. They didn't check with player base before removing artifacts why would I waste my time asking them questions.

*What do you think of the system overall?
A++ for funds generation vs. Artifacts

*What adjustments (if any) would you like to see in future update?
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Posted on 9/26/18 11:46:32 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

One other thing:

1) revite 5 green warden makes torch battles about who is using a green hero.

2) walla proc cannot remove the silence from the green warden. Is this a bug?

Posted on 9/28/18 8:08:32 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hi there everyone.

Ok here is goes the revision feddback input...

*Do you fully understand the system and how it works?
I understood it before and i understand it now, the diference between before and now is that the system is now working properly in the active side (Warden Skill) and in the passive side (Blessings and Subdues). Now you can see the diference on the subdues between heroes and regarding Warden skill i think a real diference will come at level skill 7+ and too reach that a considerable amount of stones and merits are needed...:)

*Do you have questions you feel IGG should address?
I have only one question that i think (or at least i would like) they should clarify, that is what is the logic of warden assignment when a new hero arrives... is it random? is it one per turn warden assignment?

*What do you think of the system overall?
I like it more now, that we can actually see it working properly, i think it adds a very interesseting strategic enancement. I also like the ratio ajustments for the warden skill activation in battle: on teams of 5 heroes its the same you need 3 heroes of the same warden but on teams of 6 you need now only 3 heroes of the warden given that the other 3 are not of other same warden, the main enancement is on teams of 10 that you can get warden activated with only 4 heroes of the same warden.
I think i only dislike one thing the 5 revitalize warden in battle i think is totally unnecessary because its very understandable that you need energy to activate it and only at full bar its activated and causes another issue on raids, once you drop one hero warden activates leaving the heroes of that warden that are yet undropped needing to wait for next proc to get the goodies (but this only happends on raids, so its all good), also you should be rewarded with a faster proc of your warden if you have more heroes of the same warden on your team.

*What adjustments (if any) would you like to see in future update?
I would probably get rid of the 5 revite thing on wardens like i said on the above answer i think a player should be rewarded with a faster proc of his/her warden if they are willing to give more slots to heroes of the same warden.
Another chance i would approve would be a slightly lowering of merits requerements, its still very hard to level for the cristals requirements alone so that should be enough.

Best to all

I love CC