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[Chat (Android)] Need advice on heroes

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Posted on 11/8/18 9:12:54 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hey, hey! So like the title says, I need advice on which heroes I should train next, and who to replace. I can only field 5. (And I'm kinda low level, Earl II.) So I'm currently using:

Pumpkin Duke, (Evolved once,) Lvl 180.
Michael, (Evolved once,) Lvl 180.
Thunder God, (Evolved once,) Lvl 170.
Druid, Lvl 180.
Santa Boom, Lvl 180.

I have the following untrained heroes:
Death Knight
Harpy Queen
Dread Drake
Trixie Treat
Lil' Nick

Any advice would be appreciated, thanks.

Posted on 11/8/18 10:43:57 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Focus on GS, Walla, Ghoulem, probably in that order.   Druid and TG need to go.   Santa is very situational these days as well.

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Posted on 11/9/18 2:13:03 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

As for now  heroes you will use one way or another are :Gunslinger, Walla, Cupid/Valentina (depending who have higher Revite), Ghoulem.
I think your team can look like this:  PD, Michael, GS, Walla, Cupid/Val (pick hero with higher Revite talent) and lvl them in order i wrote you, which is similar to what Rusty wrote.  You don't have debuffer in team so remember to use Celestin Pet.
- It should give you enough power to deal with opponents in raids.
- HBM can also use same team i wrote you.
- For dungeon i would use same team, but maybe swap PD with Nick or SB (since he have high lvl.)

Other good heroes are Trixie Treat, Grimfiend, DD, Valentina, Medusa, Lil' Nick, Treantaur. They can be usen in different modes like LBF, Dungeons, Team DUngeons etc, but you can take care of them later.

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Posted on 11/9/18 5:16:42 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Gunslinger, Wallawalla, Ghoulem, Cupid. Lil Nick and DD could help you clear dungeons, but I'd focus on those other 4 first.

With that being said, since you have so many heroes to work on currently, I would start using gems to buy more Builders if you don't already have 5. It takes a long time to get to 6 hero bases, and that'll help your progress more than rolling for more heroes.

Good Luck!


Posted on 11/9/18 6:33:14 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I would focus on Walla first since he's great just about everywhere. Cupid would likely be next since you should be focusing on getting to ID 4-10 for the xp/shards to grow your other heroes faster. You could swap out druid for Walla & either santa or tg for cupid. Since you've evo'd tg already I'd keep him in the team until you get a better replacement leveled. A lot of players put TG down, but he's not a bad dungeon, especially in earlier insanes. I used mine off & on through ID7 until I got better heroes. He was only evo until 4-10 or so, but I devo'd for higher ID's. 

PD needs to get to 9/10 then Cupid. Cupid doesn't need to be evo'd to get to 4-10 since his skill level is what matters the most. The rest can get by at 7 then you can start raising their levels, but don't take druid, santa or tg (whichever you decide to use) past 7 for now. Cupid really needs a high vite 4 or 5 & I would definitely give him the first vite5 you get. I had vite4 on mine for 5 years before I finally got vite5 for him & it made a huge difference. Also with Cupid at 9 you can use vite3 crest on other heroes in his team to act as vite5's once he procs & at 10/10 you can use vite2 sets. 

Then I would work on GS since she's great for hbm, lava, wg/is, gwd. Ghoulem would be next for you lava team since that's your next best source of shards. The rest I would leave unleveled for now since you'll probably have better heroes once the others are finished. There's a couple who are worth resources if they have the right talent, but are more niche heroes.

Posted on 11/9/18 10:18:24 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Gunslinger: Best Base defender
Wallawalla: Best healer and Sniper

Posted on 11/14/18 3:16:31 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Everyone! TY for your advice! (BC I really need it.) So I went with Rusty's choice for first. (He was the only one that had responded, at the time.) And as of yesterday, my Gunslinger was Lvl 140, now almost 150. BTW, I should mention that I'm a patient gamer that hoards. Lol. This Might change your perspective of what I should do, IDK. Stuff I didn't mention is...

have just over 50,000 gems
1,050 Tome I
1,130 Tome II
1,027 Tome III
307 Blessed Tome I
460 Blessed Tome II
114 Gelatinous Champion Essence
41 Mastery Essence

There's a bit more, but that's the main stuff... (Again, any response is appreciated.) :D

Posted on 11/14/18 3:26:10 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Oh! Almost forgot! I have the following hero cards....

16 Legendary Hero Cards
1 Prime Hero Card I
10 Legendary Hero Card (Event)

And my HB is just under 2.5 Million

Posted on 11/14/18 3:45:19 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Again, TY! I haven't done anything with Celestin in a long time. It's currently Lvl 17 with 524/48. It's with my Snowzilla! Lol.
(I don't try to title up, I'm still Earl II.)

Posted on 11/14/18 3:52:54 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Yeah... I only have 3 builders. But my game-play is counter intuitive. Just sayin'. :) I need advice, but at the same time I kinda do integrate it into my style of play. However, I HAVE respected the opinions of you all on this forum for years. I was here, I just hadn't said anything until now. :D