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[Chat (Android)] Saint - Oracle - Brawler Favor Talents

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Posted on 1/9/19 7:00:11 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I realize that they are only a couple of weeks old, but I am seeing members ask the question and no one has really given any indepth responses.  Can someone please give me a breakdown on these talents?  Should they be applied to heroes in their group as an additional buff, or should they be applied to heroes in different groups as a protection against buff?  Has anyone done any testing or is it still too early for any comprehensive analysis?


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Posted on 1/10/19 6:10:13 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I have tested saint's favor talent on an oracle hero. The reason why i put it on an oracle cause according from saint's favor's description "deals additional damage to brawler heroes" and the brawler warden heroes deals more damage to an oracle and decreases damage taken from them and a saint talent i think could at least decrease the percentage on decreased damage if you put on an oracle hero.  These talents... from what I understand, they only increases the basic attack and it does not affect the proc. Just like what sunder talent does.

Posted on 1/10/19 6:37:13 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

The new talents give one extra attack always on the same target autoattack is aimed at. And possible 2nd extra attack on faction specific nearby hero (which is the same in 1v1 so then it would add two)

Imho it's not worth it as a main talent for core heroes. Makes sense on dps heroes for AD in case you still have sd/ds/hb and don't have sunder. Even lvl1 is better than sd8 in this regard.

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Posted on 1/10/19 8:40:37 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Was trying to do the math on this same subject this morning. It's very convoluted. I was thinking the mix and match thing was best bet for faction memebers but not

Posted on 1/11/19 1:22:52 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I dunno but they are the most irritating and frustrating talents to come out since the birth of CC. It feels like some kind of forced cash in on a system a lot of people still are not won over on. I personally preferred the artifacts, as it seemed to give a clear advantage against a percentage of opponents where as wardens are pretty much a given that most players have it and it effectively renders the bonus moot unless you are talking top Tier big spenders with maxed out wardens. The costs are ridiculously p2p and the benefit not as clear as with artifacts as artifacts were something that took some understanding to properly apply.  As for warden talents, they seem like a wash. If you use them any advantage gained is lost in the fact that you now dont have a better talent on your hero the rest of the game modes. Even with skins it's still a very small useable window, too small to be worth it imo. Maybe time will show specific end game advantage with certain heroes? All I know is I wouldnt be in any rush to spend money on the talents. If you roll a free one stick it on a quality dupe until they are fully fleshed out perhaps.

Posted on 1/11/19 3:39:37 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

First lady I know I've tested everywhere and honestly I still don't completely understand the talent! I know alot of us waiting on arch demon for Android to see how that goes. I have them on brawler hero to brawler talent and mixed on other hero's. So as I'm confused as others are I definitely will keep this discussion updated as much as I can. Sorry this does not answer any part of your question

Posted on 1/11/19 5:39:41 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

So, all people need to know this: saint, oracle favor talents are useless.
Only useful talent is brawler favor, can be put on ronin, then you can use ronin against Lavanica, and ypur ronin become a lava killer (1-2 shots lavanica, so deadly talent). Other than this talent combo the talents are useless except for Archdemon if u want to do more dmg those talents should be good on archdemon heroes, we will see tomorrow what happen on archdemon.
So remember, only brawler favor on ronin is USEFUL.

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Posted on 1/11/19 9:47:52 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

First lady,i think each of these three talents(oracle,brawler faver,saint) will have an impact on archdemon(castle crisis)

First lady thanks for submitting this thread

Posted on 1/14/19 6:36:43 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I see lots of ppl talking about AD’s with these talents, but the talents are faction based right? (%damage to Saint faction hero’s, etc etc) Are AD’s faction based aswell?

Posted on 1/14/19 1:35:49 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

In fact these talents have a major advantage faction wise even placed on opposing faction types, typically these talents should be placed on their faction type i.e Saints Favor on Dove Keeper(Saint Faction Hero) BUT this is easily contradicted by these talents names. A favorable choice many use for Ma Hatma(Brawler Faction Hero) is Saints Favor although the only reasonable talent for her is Zealous Drive for maximum dps and dmg output.. The fact of the matter remains that the placement of these talents are not entirely dependent on Faction Types.. As i personally use Brawlers Favor on Bogeyman and Saints Favor on Ma Hatma myself and have done extensive testing i can confirm beyond any reasonable doubt that the talents have the same damage output on opposing faction types as it does on its specified faction type within the talent name! i.e Saints Favor/Brawlers Favor on Ma Hatma a brawler faction hero does the same 1360% DMG output on first strike on the opposing faction ttype regardless.. Brawlers favor has an extra 680% vs Oracle and saints favor has 680% vs brawler.. If you place saints favor on a brawler hero and attack another brawler hero such as revenant it will do the stated 1680% damage regardless as its still versus the faction tyoe stated in the talent description regardless of the faction type of the heri its placed on! Now with that being said this does not mean its the greatest idea to nilly willy place Favor talents anywhere as there is still a concept to be followed with the specificed talents. This concept being the additional 680% damage to whichever opposing faction is stated within the talent description i.e if you are using a full brawler squad for lost battlefield and your versing a full oracle squad you would preferably want your team to be usibg brawlers favor in specific rather then saints favor or oracles favor regardless of the dmg output being the same because we must take into consideration that the opposing team could be using Saints Favor on oracle heros which deals additional 680% vs your faction type being Brawler Faction and if in this scenario this happens to be the case the only counteracting factor is your Faction warden Lvl skill/subdues.. If a brawler faction with brawlers favor is opposing to an oracle squad with saints favor the upper hand is with the brawler faction as brawler warden skill increases dmg output and damage recieved versus oracle faction where oracles warden skill/subdues ties into additional dmg output and damage recieved to and from saint type faction heros meaning in this scenario your brawler heros will in total be dishing out a higher DPS and overall DMG vs the Oracle squad with a mismatched talent setup and no additional warden buff/debuffs while you have this advantage. This means the only possibility for a even battle for the opposing team is a matched insignia such asoracles favor for the additional 680% as the extra 680% will not help towards brawler type faction heros. In regards to extensive testing and actual damage numbers i can quote with video proof to support the theory that matching talents to the specified faction type does equivalent damage as placing on an opposing faction type i.e 247,429 DMG output with Ma Hatma using Saints favor vs Asura(Oracle Hero) and 516,000 dmg output using Ma Hatma with Brawlers favor adding an additional 680% dmg properly as stated in the talents description.. In conclusion the end result and overall outcome of my testing leads me to believe that placing these talents on the specified faction type is based on personal opinion but the numbers state that its best to place these talents on their specified faction type for the most profitability when using these talents rather then mismatching these talents with opposing faction types just because you want to use a specific hero verse another specific hero with an advantage that will ultimately put you at a disadvantage in the longrun! If you have read this far and have your own personal opinion on the matter please feel free to state your opinion as im willing to continue my research on these talents as well as some of the newers talents like Feint Sunder Regenerate Sacred light ect!

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