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[Chat (Android)] Base bombing without Mino in GWs

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Posted on 2/11/19 9:01:19 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I am going to put forward the lineup I use consistently without dropping flames and I am still 18k gems short of getting a Mino. So here it goes:

1) Drop Lava to clear around 15-20% of a base (if not more). Talent SL 8 and zd 6 insignia, mini angi pet/ glacie.
2) Drop Ronin to clear troops plus focus on destroying hero bases, they appear to be a ####. Talent scorch 8 and nimble 8 insignia with 4×dodge traits. PET: FINIX. By now you should be over 50%, if not, rinse and repeat.

3) Storm Eater to clear another left over section of the base. Talent zd 8 and 5 revite insignia. Pet yulephant. I prefer SE over Sas as it can fly over walls... but a strong Sas can do the same.

4) Commodora... for remaining base portions towards the centre of the base, she has a massive range. Talent: 5wargod and 5revive insignia. She revives and deals damage again. Pet: chickaboom.

5) Anubis with doom balon pet to get you the 100%. Talent Fg8 and ironwill/ revite/feint/wg/bw insignia.

6) If you have so far not cleared the base and in panic mode. Try and relax take deep breaths, drop some guardians, wait for autoproc heroes to finish procing. .... then drop TREANTAUR. Voila! 100% every time. Talent 5 revite and 4 revive insignia.

Replacements: Dove keeper with survival and doom balon can play anubis's role. In a non empower base, use ghoulem ss8/sl8 with finix to replace ronin. Lazulix can replace lava for initial breaking base, remember to put revive and revite on him.
Special mention: if there is an empower dove keeper in the base.. pull it out .. drop lava with finix pet... or dove keeper with finix pet and watch the base self destruct itself while you make coffee . Cheers
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Posted on 2/11/19 9:02:32 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

P.S. all my heroes are 10/10 devo 200 without any breakthrough levels on them.

Posted on 2/11/19 11:02:34 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

This is not a bad method. There is only 1 problem: a 550k+ might base with Emp and UP heroes with eat them alive. Dead as soon as they drop. Careful attention is required, and could easily result in dropped flames.

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