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[Chat (Android)] Turf Watch DIscussion

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Posted on 5/22/19 1:39:00 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Recently IGG released a new guild feature called "Turf Watch" which has been receiving some very conflicting commentary.  Some don't like the donation cap implements, while others feel it was the appropriate thing to do.  Others don't like how much time and resources will be required to max the feature, and still others just plain don't care for it.  What do you think?


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Posted on 5/27/19 9:54:52 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Well,. I don't like it.

1- i can't call it game mode because only one player can play it from each guild.

2- there is no strategy in it . All guild force to go in the same direction.  The only different is the speed of donation.

3- there is no fun with it . For all members in the guild it's like bad rewards for 1 gem pack.

I'm sure some players fine with that . But for me i want to play not just collect the reward

Posted on 5/28/19 1:33:23 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

I like the overall aspect but it needs work.  It's too discreet.  It should be a tab in the warehouse so people are more aware of it and participate more.  Vices should be able to do the same as leaders.  There should be other ways to donate (or convert excess resources other than just shards).  The 10k cap is frustrating.  I guess it is to stun growth but those who had insider information took advantage of that days before the update making it unfair.

Posted on 5/30/19 4:28:37 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I like the idea but at the moment its bit stupid.
You should be able to give responsability not only to leader or vice but everyone in guild who wants to do this. far i havent bought any but i very very like the concept of guild shop.

Third...the gameplay....
Well...thats just awfull. Basically what i do...i log in...collevt daily reward...upgrade as far is i can.Defenders are level 6, skill 1 and they will be like this for a very very libg time

Once a day i try hbm 5 i think and get my butt kicked by tree troops and druid....
It could use some mending it seems.

But still, the guild shop is most essential

Posted on 5/30/19 8:18:50 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I am OK with donation limit.   There should be some way to stop guilds from getting to the max on day one.

I am OK with mechanics.   There are some interface quibbles, but overall this is decent first pass.

I would vary donations.   They already seem to have changed (gold to mana, blues to HB), but maybe make it more regular rotation.

I hate that this is passive for everyone except GL.   Give people something to do.   I would let GL make permanent changes to base, since you don't want everyone having ability to change base, but maybe give people a right to make their own personal changes, limited in some ways.   In particular, my GL, while a great guy, needs constant prodding to work on this mode.   It would be nice to be able to do something without relying on one person.

And then everyone runs trials (not just GL) and generates guild-wide points, similar to how donation generates guild credits.   Or GW.   GW is a guild event where both individual activity and guild activity contribute to success.   Turf is that way a little, in that guildies have to raise sentinels, so everyone works to make this is a success.   But not enough - there should be more things guildies could do.

I would get some reports on who contributes to sentinels and who doesn't.   Yes, you get benefits for contributing, so those who don't do it are hurting themselves.   Still, would be nice to know who needs prodding.

Last, maybe vary some things in the shop on rotating basis, although I am OK with shop content overall.

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Posted on 5/30/19 10:11:53 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I'm using it right now as I have an excess of shards and mana. So I can donate max each day. However, my guild is just me and a smurf and the smurf don't play no more. It is going to be a while until I can even pass level 3, which is pretty sad.

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Posted on 5/30/19 10:33:42 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Not much to say on it
It's just another mode I won't use as far as I've seen the stuff in shop is off no use to me as a low spender when I remember I go in and collect/donate

Posted on 5/30/19 2:02:28 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Don't care for it much. It needs additional though and planning to be a salient and interesting CC mode... My guild has 2 members, myself F2P & myself sP2P. I just go in there to burn extra resources =D

Posted on 5/31/19 10:13:47 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Well... it's not as interactive as I'd hoped; even as I'm the leader of my guild... We're pretty laid-back and I don't enforce many rules, as I don't expect my guildmates to follow any rules that I don't. I do make announcements from time to time to remind people to donate, and I know a few of the more active players do donate to the sentinals, as I do everyday. But otherwise there isn't much team effort in the guild event. I just start the turf watch 1-3 times a day (either we win or we don't, it's not usually close), and that's about it. I think that something more interactive could be implemented. Here's a poorly thought-out idea that I just came up with a few hours ago:

-Each guild member gets a small space to build his or her own little base on, much like wretched gorge.
-The items able to be placed on this little base are dramatically diversified from regular gameplay; not only can sentinal (bases), watchtowers, stun towers, arrow towers, cannon towers, and walls be put down, but so can a wide variety of other things, like traps, bombs, (flamethrowers, weeds, and hell holes  (to counter each warden)), blank space, caltrops, laser towers, and many other new and different things that I didn't bother to think about.
-All of these small bases build by the guild members will be placed on the guild turf to form one massive base and used to defend against the critters, as it is now.
-There will be a new building called the skill hall, which the guild leader/vice leaders use to enhance the powers of all of the traps aforementioned, as well as the sentinals. Skill points will be awarded upon completing a turf watch level. An example of a skill might be, (increases damage done to treants by 5%).
-All buildings previously implemented by IGG (like the guild hub, coliseum, etc...) will stay, but those can only be moved by the guild leader and vice leaders. Members are only in charge of each of their own small base, but after 5-10 days of inactivity by any member, the guild leader has the option to move/remove the small base.
-All members can level up their personal base items using their own credits, and the donation cap will be raised to 15K shards a day.

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Posted on 5/31/19 10:33:00 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

The donation limit is not even remotely appropriate.
1. The upgrade requirements are so high f2p will never do it.
2.  Older guild have 200 million credits already so they already ran it to the max.
3.  Then you have a guild like mine.  A mix of mostly f2p and some p2p with not even enough guild credits to get the towers to level 10.  So we're stuck in the middle, cant upgrade because we cant donate enough.  And the requirements are so high only those who already had hundreds of millions of credits could ever do it.
4.  Its not that interesting for others in the guild because they dont really do anything.
5. No point in buying any packs from bazaar that has shards because you can no longer donate extra shards.

At the current limit maybe I can upgrade 1 build in 2 weeks.  In 30 years maybe I will get them all done.