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[Chat (Android)] Question about the new dragon.

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Posted on 6/21/19 2:18:40 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

So as we know the new dragon deal TRUE damage. (idk why didnt they use the term FIXED damage anymore).

1) Does the the tornado attack heal the hero by 25% of it damage?
2) Since the hero is immune to petrify and freeze, does that make heavy blow one of its weakness?
3) If the skill crit does it mean it crit in True damage?
4) Can this hero solo Dove keeper?

When you roll 50K gem for a paladin.
Posted on 6/21/19 3:05:01 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

1) he can  heal himself by 42% from dmg dealt ( at 12/12 ) . That's mean the healing effect by his talent/ insignia/ buff / debuff he gets . The tornado thing have nothing to do with healing.

2) he have a lot of weakness.  Stun is one of them

3) the true dmg can not effect by the opponents dmg reduce.  So if the opponents have sl / ss  he will be talentless against this dragon.  
So put on him vf talent with bf insignia and crit treats

4) dove and lavanica are beasts , the new dragon also a beast . So to answer your question it's depending on what setup they have.

I have question too . I know ss / sl can not work against this dragon.  What about fg ? Dmg reflects in General?