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[Chat (Android)] Please help me about Talent

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Posted on 7/14/19 8:12:00 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

In my case, Anubis better in secondary talent SL/SS (because he die easily). But The same could be said with your other Heroes, which need Sacred Light: dragons, Cosmo, Rosaleen, Asura, Frank, Prof. Ribbit, Cirrina, Plant Warrior, Lazulix, Ripper, Wallawalla, Sasquatch and Storm Eater.

If you can't get enough SL, Stone SKin will work too.

GSMichael, Rockno and Espirita have SS, so maybe don't need SL.

Dk need UP (to make more DMG) and secondary Talent Stealth, with Suvirval Insigina.

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