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[Chat (Android)] Is Survival important in high might fight?

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Posted on 7/11/19 5:51:14 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Just realized that if there's no survival talent in heroes that doesn't have damage cap like Walla,

They will be squashed in instant. So I put every hero that has potential in dying a Survival Talent. I mean 3 second invulnerability is kinda OP.

When you roll 50K gem for a paladin.
Posted on 7/12/19 1:06:20 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

thats not helpful walla dont need talents like survival
after the 3 sec it has cooldown time 7.5 sec
within that time walla die just only one attack like DK
walla need to survive as much in battels walla has a one of best talent ,
lot of players he used for as a healer if he die
heros not heal
walla wants to heal other heros until the other heroes to destroy the base and kill the heroes
survival mostly use heroes have a dmg cap and also some heroes in there we can used survival on him/her even he or she that havent a dmg cap