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[Chat (Android)] Needs help with my team!

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Posted on 7/11/19 11:23:18 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hi! I now have many heroes but I don't know how to form the best overall team... This is my current team: 
Wallawalla Lv160
Pumpkin Duke Lv160
Skull Knight Lv160
Dread Drake Lv160
Ghoulem Lv160
Anubis Lv160
Espirita Lv160
(I sometimes remove Dread Drake or Espirita or Skull Knight depending on game modes)

I also have some new heroes lately, should I upgrade them and change in my current team?
Cupid Lv157
Sasquatch Lv140
Cirrina Lv60
Gunslinger Lv60
Beast Tamer Lv140
Revenant Lv140
Valentina Lv140
Pixie Lv 131
Harpy Queen Lv120
Lady Leo Lv120
Medusa Lv120
Siren Lv100
Dracax Lv40
Lil Nick Lv40
Rockno Lv40
Phantom King Lv1
Warlock Lv40
Santaboom Lv1
And some shard legendaries

Thank you!!

Posted on 7/11/19 11:25:01 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Sorry! My rockno is Lv140 and Sasquatch is Lv 160

Posted on 7/12/19 12:34:11 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

u have some good heroes
-For raids and gw
walla FG (Heal the all the heros)
Anubis UP (deals dmg enemy heros)
Pumpkin empower , berserk or regenerate(good buffer)
DD WG or UP (destroy buildings and deals enemeies)
cirrina revite5+ (revive heros) specially used for GW
Rokno or sas with Sl or ss (both are self healers)

-for defense like HBM
-walla or ghoulm (for heal)
-pumpkin (for buff)
Gun SL or SS (every second gain 25 energy and warfyers deals enemies)
-Anubis FG , SL or WA
-SK SL or FG (fast attacker and Has lvl8 revive)
-DD or someone
for HBM and GW defense they needs empower crest(must) in all of heroes
if u have only one empower crest then use the setup as follows
use Cupid SL9 with empower crest instead of DD(in HBM) or SK (in war)  

-for team HBM or Team dungeons

For dungeons
- Walla or ghoulm(must)
-cupid revite5+(must)
-anubis or PK
-cirrina revite5+ or PK