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[Chat (Android)] Returning player, need help returning. (iOS)!!

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Posted on 7/12/19 2:34:54 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Just updated my game after like a year of being lazy and not doing it (it kept giving me some error in the app). I'm almost f2p, Ive maybe spent $5 at most.

I was wondering if anyone could help with team suggestions, how to spend gems, etc. I only have like 2k gems though, and not many heroes to work with.

Heroes: Pumpkin Duke, Orksbane, Dove Keeper, Corrine, Medusa, Vlad Dracula, Dread Drake, Beast Tamer, Santa Boom, Snowzilla, Pixie, Siren, Treantaur, Warlock, plus 30k shards so free skill points ig. Sorry I don't have much but anything helps! Edit: Apparently they're handing out free Ghoulems and also apparently I have a Heartbreaker if that helps.

Also apparently my past self didn't know how to roll into trunk instead of alter so wtf do I do with these extra Orksbanes help

Posted on 7/12/19 4:46:14 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

u need to roll for some heroes

Posted on 7/12/19 5:01:54 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Pumpkin Duke, Dove Keeper, are heroes you will use for sure. Especially Dove, you can lvl her without any thoughts. Others are not good at all. Well maybe they are for now, but not when you will find newer heroes.

As for spending gems. Best would be spending gems on rolling in days, which have some win-through-spending-gems events. Dumno how it is on IOS, but i am sure there are days where you can win some additional rewards by spending gems in that day. I like Hero Collector, cause sometimes it can really give you good rewards if you will find hero from list.

So save gems and wait for those days, and than roll for heroes.

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