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[Chat (Android)] Help with resource management

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Posted on 7/12/19 3:36:13 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

So started breakthrough on my main team but it takes a huge toll on my resources.  Question is should i devo my other heroes (though can't even remember when last i used any of this but old heroes but they're needed for destiny,main team is only at 11 atm)? If so,which heroes? Or should i keep working breakthrough on main heroes?.
Also,thought of taking all 6 main heroes to breakthrough level 11,then 21 and so on,good idea? or should just focus on 1 hero and max out each one at a time?.
Lastly,just for info; at what breakthrough level does significant boost begin to appear?
Thanks in advance

Posted on 7/12/19 4:41:14 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

not at all
ice demon and arctica are some heros used in team HBM

Posted on 7/12/19 8:01:17 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Imo it is better if you will focus on most important heroes and try to make their BT high (depending how many resources you have).
If you can raise all main heroes i think it is good, but start from most important one. If you will max for exampe Lava's BT, you will have really strong hero which will be difficult to kill. If you have resources than whatever way you pick it will be good (but i think one hero at time is ok) so one way or another all main team will be maxed.
Don't focus on other heroes, as i believe there will be heroes which will make older heroes obsolete, and than you will regret you raised their BT lvl (except those key for LBF for example or IS4).
As for last question from what i heard lvl 11 is place where start boost is being visible with each lvl. But this is what i saw. My are on lvl 10 for now.

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