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Posted on 7/13/19 12:45:12 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

First off take note that I'm quite lazy with updating hero enhancements and one of them is Breakthrough levels and also I have not taken BT that seriously... Up till now...

Today I played around and experimented on Arena and with one battle had my Lazulix facing of against the opponent's laz. Mine was on Breakthrough Lv. 2 and opponent's on Breakthrough 10 and his Laz kept on getting through and taking the round. I then raised the breakthrough for my laz to 10 and afterwards, on the first rematch, got a win.

So, breakthrough on just 1 hero made a big difference in the outcome for one of the game modes and probably will also on other modes and thus I will give breakthrough more attention from now on.

Posted on 7/13/19 2:37:53 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Glad to hear that you have realized what lots of others figured out with the release of the feature.  I suggest you *scan through the ledger and note where the most beneficial buffs come into play with each hero you are working on, so you can level accordingly.


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